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Google Literacy Project

By - October 04, 2006

Picture 2-20Google launches The Literacy Project, a combination of its products framed to promote literacy and aid educators around the globe– including Bollywood sing-along film Videos, educational Groups and academic Book Search. The project was unveiled at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt, Germany today–in cooperation with UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong Learning and Frankfurt Book Fair literacy campaign (LitCam).

Update: A reader made an interesting suggestion that this was dandy, but wouldn’t it be better if Google allowed users to create their own custom pages per theme? I’ve asked Google and will post the reply here. But also note, some additional editorial choices, in coordination with UNESCO and LitCam, were weaved into the fabric of this project page–it looks like–beyond the work of algorithms certainly, but also with tools requiring discretion above what a typical user might be allowed.

Update Cont’d: Google replied that they are interested in expanding user control in this area, and would be back with more updates along this line. On the LitProject, they facilitated making more materials on literacy available and searchable online– videos, in particular.

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3 thoughts on “Google Literacy Project

  1. Meoip says:

    Your link to the literacy project has a “%20” at the end so it doesn’t work.

    This doesn’t seem like much more than a suggested uses of some google tools. It would be a significant step if the users could create a site that looked like that. I could create one on the history of the civil war. With maps, blogs, articles and books, right now it’s just links to google tools.

  2. Shiotsu says:

    Well, it looks like Google has organized its tools under one roof and called it the literacy project.

  3. Lee Colleton says:

    You included a space at the end of your link (%20).

    Thanks for the coverage!