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Comscore/Bear Stearns: Google Gains Again

By - October 04, 2006

From a report just issued by Bear:

Following the international market share loss in July, 2006 where Google lost 230bps of international search market share, Google’s position rebounded nicely in August, 2006 by regaining 140bps to reach a 70.7% of market share according to comScore’s release yesterday. The results were consistent with the results on the domestic platform reported earlier. We note that this follows a similar pattern in the corresponding months of 2005 where Google lost share in July 05 but regained share in August 05. We view this as a positive for the company as Google was able to demonstrate its commanding position in the search market, and reaffirms our view that the company should report a solid 3Q.

· Google’s share gain came largely at the expense of Yahoo, who lost 180bps in August 2006 after consistent market share gains in the past three months. Yahoo’s market share came in at 16.7%. MSN also lost share moderately to 7%, down from 7.2% in July. AOL gained share slightly and came in at 1.7% in August, up from 1.6% in July while Ask stayed flat at 2.2%.

More as I get it…

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2 thoughts on “Comscore/Bear Stearns: Google Gains Again

  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    Wow, amazing dominance for the big G. How do they do it? Results quality vis a vis Yahoo is only marginally significant so something else is going on. Magic?

  2. Adrian says:

    Magic? Nope.