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Blog Business Summit

By - October 26, 2006

BbsummitI’m off to the Blog Business Summit all day Friday (well, I’ll admit I’m heading to Microsoft for some meetings in the morning). But if you’re there in the afternoon, some say hello.

And yea, all this travel and preparation for the Web 2 conference has made it hard to write like I want to write here. After mid November, I intend to get back to this site with far more focus. It’s by far my favorite thing to do.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Business Summit

  1. Ariel says:

    Wonderful keynote. Engaging, funny, and got my brain clicking. The concept of search as as DOS command line almost made my head explode … in that late-night college sophomore way.

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Good Stuff, Battelle. Interesting and informative. I predict we will have a couple of good evenings of sharing some fine beverage or another and comparing notes about our journeys in this industry!