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Top Stories on SearchMob Right Now…

By - September 14, 2006



New Technology Allows Searchers to Scour Online Audio, Video to Target Advertising

Mobissimo First to Bring Comprehensive Travel Search to Netvibes’ Five Million Users – Social Networking for Sports Recruiting

TV Guide and Yahoo Announce Deal

Google Checkout Competing with Affiliates

I’m pretty pleased with the focus and quality of the stories that are being posted on the site, but I do have some issues with the whole thing. I have no idea if you, the readers, are checking it out, or find it very compelling. I’m adding a navigation link, so you can find it in the first place, which I guess would help (Ren: Iiiiiiiidiot). And I want a widget that pulls the top five stories and rotates them over on the right or the left. That would be really cool. Any ideas?

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One thought on “Top Stories on SearchMob Right Now…

  1. dan levine says:

    i’d assume it’s already there, except i have looked and looked and really can’t find it: an RSS feed of the top stories!