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By - September 12, 2006

Officially Live in the UK

Windows Live, and Live Local Search officially graduate from beta in the UK. And now, Live Search will power MSN. Though, the company informed Danny Sullivan, that the beta moniker will linger as the update rolls-out through the entire network. (Meanwhile, ResourceShelf offers a list of Microsoft’s registered ‘Live’ domains.)

On demand ads, for low demand impressions

Right Media’s new Publisher Media Exchange (PMX) tool allows sites to bulk together non-premium impressions and sell them in a real-time auctions. Fox, Tribune, LookSmart, Tickle, and Six Apart, will be among the major sites using the customizable PMX to sell extra impressions to advertisers and ad networks on their sites.

Send a wire to Congress, before one’s set on you

Warrantless domestic wiretapping seems to be illegal, as well as widely unpopular. The due process from Congress? According to legislation proposed separately by Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) and a group of Representatives (including Chairmen of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees) …the response is to grant retrospective legal sanction to Presidential free reign, handicap Congressional and Judicial oversight and, to top it off— further expand the warrantless domestic wiretapping program.

Those who fail to follow this logic might consider contacting their representatives—as Congress may act on both these bills this week. Center for Democracy and Technology

A disgruntled AdSense user

An ousted AdSense user turned litigant is now charging that Google infiltrated and then deleted evidence in her Gmail account. Theresa Bradley’s litigious history (also suing Yahoo, with a trail of suits in other states) and the amusing details surrounding the claim (she says it took her staff 100 hours to finalize the placement of the AdSense code) have caused some to doubt the accusation.

Social search, in the news

Garrett French shares a handy reading list and other resources he’s amassed, as he finishes up his latest article on social search. 30 Boxes considers the application of social search to personal organization. And on Monday, The New York Times discovered social search for shopping.

Picture 1-20Jatalla

Jatalla launches the prototype of its “100%” human-powered search engine. Though still in double-digit user base, Jatalla aims for its results, created by user keyword tags on websites, to one day becomes “an easy way to interview the whole world through a single search query.” Founder, Shelley Harrison says foregoing automated corrections to pluralize and synonymize tagging was a planned inefficiency, to better reflect the mind of its human algorithm. Jatalla will present at MIT’s Emerging Technologies Conference, where it hopes to attract the investment needed to push the proof of concept into a developed beta.

User-friendly skies

Track the movements of any flight in real-time at FlightAware. At FlightStatus, gain a multi-sourced preview of flight hassles and helpers (like promotions) per airport, flight or route. If you aim higher, keep tabs on NASA shuttles. Via ResourceShelf

Q&A with Greg

SEL shared an interview with Greg Linden, who developed Amazon’s recommendation engine, Findory, and writes Geeking with Greg.

A happy blogging ending

Last week, the blogging enterprise SixApart acquired Rojo.

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  1. Volcane says:

    “Last week, Rojo acquired the blogging enterprise SixApart.” sure you mean “Rojo was acquired by the blogging…..” ?

  2. Alberto says:

    great entries on social search, I did a post recently on the challenges of social search so this is great to link too. Thanks,


  3. vikram says:

    Hi.. is nto working??


  4. Christine says:

    It’s Right Media…not Right Click (2nd item about PMX).

  5. Vijay says:

    Tried Windows Live ( looks and feels like a slower version of Google.. havent tried all the “features” though.. but too slow. I am at the present time blaming my network connection.