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Google Reverses on Releasing Orkut to Brazil

By - September 28, 2006

Despite spelling out compliance to Brazil’s standing demands for Orkut user data earlier this year, Google today appeals. The timing of the appeal coincides with the deadline for complying with the demand of the Brazilian authorities, placing Google in a spot that risks fines of up to $23,000 a day.

Google indicated it had and would continue to comply with requests to the full extent allowed under US law and which “are issued within the country in which the information is stored,” But a Brazilian federal judge earlier disagreed, saying all the photographs and messages being investigated were published by Brazilians, through Internet connection in national territory. (sic)” From the AP story, “The Sao Paulo federal prosecutor’s office said Google was in clear defiance of the judge’s order and could be fined at any moment.

Also this week, Business Week notes that Google took down eight Orkut communities at the request of the Brazilian government, in a case it says is unrelated. “The company says those communities, which advocated drunk driving by minors, the pirating of cable television, and illegal drug use, did not comply with Orkut’s terms of service, which state it is prohibited to “promote or encourage illegal activity.”

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One thought on “Google Reverses on Releasing Orkut to Brazil

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