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Google NetPAC

By - September 16, 2006

Google starts a Political Action Committee, SFGate reports.

Google filed paperwork Thursday to register its political action committee, Google NetPAC, with the Federal Election Commission. The company intends to use the committee “to support candidates who promote an open and free Internet for our users,” according to Alan Davidson, Google’s Washington policy counsel.

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3 thoughts on “Google NetPAC

  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    … and just like in China they’ll do it all without compromising a SINGLE principled stance on anything in the universe of ideas …. well, maybe just one or two.
    It’s another Google MIRACLE!

  2. r schier says:

    ….they’re aiding/abetting neo-cons to serve this goal ??
    absolutely fascinating……..

  3. Woooooow,
    Now they want to control the gov…

    George Orwell, help us, pleeeeeeeezzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!