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Cal Lectures with Google

By - September 28, 2006

While UC Berkeley has been sharing a limited stream of its lectures as public videos since 2001, it is stepping up the effort with a dedicated Cal page in Google Video. In fact, sharing the valuable access is part of its curriculum strategy, part of the wave of ‘coursecasting’ as Reuters notes. Currently more than a dozen college courses and symposia are available, with more to be added in the coming months.

(Very much in the spirit of public education, I might add. w00t, alma mater!)

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10 thoughts on “Cal Lectures with Google

  1. Kamal Jain says:

    John checkout All of Microsoft’s research lectures are there. Including yours.

    Your lecture did not have the slides. But the lectures which have the slides, have a fantastic U.I. Now look at Google Video, even Google’s own lecture are unviewable.

    U.C. Berkeley would be better of joining the researchchannel if their goal is to make their lectures widely applicable just like Microsoft does.

  2. Kamal Jain says:

    Errata: “applicable” -> “available”

  3. John, watch these videos too 🙂

    Berkeley related too.

  4. abdo says:


  5. SorenG says:

    This is cool. I watched one of the videos last night. It is odd though that the “preeminent public research and teaching institution in the nation” as they call themselves has two spacing errors in one paragraph.

  6. sufiy says:

    Google will be bitten down hard time click fraud story is making its way to mainstream media:

  7. This is very very very cool. Very good job!

  8. sufiy says:

    Google TA: “Over the Cliff”?

  9. The videos look cool. However, if anybody try to search for UC Berkley website, soon the Google videos will dominate the search engine results 🙂