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The Web 2.0 Expo

By - August 30, 2006

Logo WebexMy partner Tim today announces a new event in the Web 2 world – the Web 2.0 Expo. From his post:

…there’s a long way between the big framing ideas of web 2.0 and their practical application. What’s more, the Web 2.0 Conference sold out last year and is on an invitation-only basis this year, with far greater demand than the event can accommodate. And that’s why O’Reilly and CMP have today announced a second, companion conference, the Web 2.0 Expo, to be held April 15-18, 2007 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. The Expo will include a four-day hands-on technical conference and tutorials as well as a trade show floor.

Every big idea needs implementation. We saw the need for a second event that focuses on how to actually build effective Web 2.0 applications. We’re tackling not just Web 2.0 as strategy but also design, programming, operations, and viral marketing — the elements of execution that will ultimately separate the winners from the me-too companies in the space.

I’m really looking forward to this event, I think it’ll be where the rubber meets the road. (Disclosure-As Program Chair for Web 2.0, I’m a partner in the Web 2.0 conference business with O’Reilly and CMP, though I am not directly involved in the Expo business itself.)

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2 thoughts on “The Web 2.0 Expo

  1. dreadsword says:

    I’m assuming that’s “Web 2.0 Expo (TM)”? Har har har. Anyway, sounds great as always. What would be really great is if o’Reilly would put together a PDF Sell-Sheet targeted at big, traditional companies (ex: finance industry, insurance, other corporate non-tech behemoths) as to why they should send representatives from their business, strategic, and IS areas. I truly believe there’s a lot of value in mind-opening conferences like these, especially for organizations with a lot of inertia – but its hard to pitch tight fisted budgeteers without some good hard material as backup.

  2. Joe Hunkins says:

    Great idea, esp. for those of us who are interested in the programming and usability side of 2.0 apps.

    Hey, I was almost about to rant at my blog about how elitist and snooty the “invitation only” Web 2.0 conference seems to be but now I’m thinking … ummm … I’ll do it anyway.