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Scoble: Hey Microsoft, Optimize This!

By - August 04, 2006


Scoble writes a nice post-Microsoft rant about what’s wrong with his former company, and what the company should pay attention to. The answer: attention data. I agree. Positing a scenario in which he’s looking for an office chair for less than $500, Scoble writes:

When I search on “Office Furniture” why is the first thing I see stores? I don’t wanna see freaking corporate info. I wanna know what HUMANS like to use in their offices.

None of the big search companies have figured out that it’s the humans who “optimize” the Web.

They just wanna collect the big company paychecks.

I’m hearing that too here at Podtech. It’s all bunk. If there is no audience, there is no advertising. I’m not an “eyeball” to be tracked, or optimized.

I’ll be looking for who lets me get to the other humans the fastest….

…Remember Active Desktop and Channels? Microsoft could have OWNED the blog world and RSS. Why did that fail? Cause when we looked at it all we saw were big companies.

If you optimize for them you’ll fail.

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3 thoughts on “Scoble: Hey Microsoft, Optimize This!

  1. merc says:

    Read about the newest cell phone video scandal (malaysia tammy)

  2. ah! the challenges of semantic web

  3. Hector B says:

    Sounds like you are right on it. Some point in the near future the big 3 will realize it also.

    Good Post