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Schmidt Joins Apple Board

By - August 30, 2006

Apple Tricolor

Google CEO Eric Schimdt has joined Apple’s board. Given the way the Valley hovers over every possible implication of both companies’ actions, there’s plenty of conspiracies to be theorized here.

I covered Apple as a cub reporter, and learned how to deal with a company populated by brilliant, odd, and flabbergasting folks. In corporate history, logo color choice, and brand values, Apple shares much in common with Google, that is for sure. But I’m not sure there’s too much to be made of this connection – yet.

Of course, Apple has a history with Microsoft, a long and storied one….

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2 thoughts on “Schmidt Joins Apple Board

  1. I have not heard anybody discuss why did Schmidt accept the offer? What is in it for him? He obviously has enough on his hands controlling the growth of google; add to this the liabilities arising from being a board member. He is already a star without having to complicate his life further. It would have been so easy for him to say no.
    He is not doing this with a Google perspective, he is doing this for his own benefit.

    I ask myself what does Eric want out of the deal?

  2. Patrick Dempsey says:

    Don’t board members actually do nothing? Selecting executives and approving/overriding their decisions is about it, I believe.