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By - August 30, 2006

Growing Google library

Google is now permitting free PDF downloading and printing of classic and obscure books—in addition to out-of-copyright books. However, Google will still only provide snippets around search terms for materials under copyright, unless permission is extended by the publisher. link (Gary Price timely points out other sources for free book printing.)

AT&T hack exposes 19,000 ids

A hack on one of AT&T’s systems has exposed the personal data, including the credit card numbers, of 19,000 identities. link

Surfview-1Geotagging Flickr, more like an explosion

Flickr added a geotagging feature that in its first day gained more than 1.2 million geotagged photos. As you might guess, they’re thinking very hard about how to scaleover a million new photos being added on a good day… [and the] billions of bits of data that go into the search (more than half a billion tags alone), along with privacy controls, group membership, and so on.”

Picture 2-19WikiPatents

WikiPatents is a new community site where the public can contribute commentary and organize around U.S. patent issues—including reviewing pending applications and voting on their merits. The first site of this kind, it’s the brainchild of the US Patent Office own efforts to improve the technical merits and legal backing of patents. The user-base is now composed of “examiners, law firms, future litigants, licensees, potential investors, inventors, and patent owners.”

Search driven charity drive

The local search engine iBegin, now servicing Toronto — is donating 50 cents to charity for every new review and picture uploaded by users through September 15. link (This caught my eye because at first I thought it was a search engine for charity giving– someone make that! Update:, thanks Alberto.)

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  1. Alberto says:

    You mean something like

  2. Matt says:

    There seems to be a bit of a question about the legitimacy of GoodTree. When I was searching around I found this Open Letter to GoodTree. Any additional info would be helpful.

  3. Dago says:

    Hi, this is Dago, from GoodTree. Yeah, we’re going through a crazy situation where because we’re just a few guys building GoodTree and didn’t do a good enough job of communicating to the world about our beta site, some zealous folks have decided to label us a scam without evidence to the contrary. So now, in addition to building the website, we’re trying to do a better job of communicating. We’ve hired Perlman & Perlman in NYC, a well know firm that specializes in philanthropy. We’re getting a full audit of GoodTree’s finances so we can provide third party financial transparency. We’ve added Toni Schneider, CEO of WordPress, and Chris Michael, former CEO of to our Board of Advisors, and are bringing more charity and philanthropic people onto our board. We’ve expanded our About Us:, and we’ve expanded our FAQ: We’ll be adding a blog very soon. By early next year, we hope to be able to communicate much more clearly and simply about what we’re up to and how we do things.

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By - August 25, 2006

Picture 7-4Flickr images enter Yahoo

Yahoo begins to integrate Flickr images into search results. A corresponding new tool in Flickr allows users to remove their pictures from search listings. Everyone is asking: how are the images in results ranked? and how is Yahoo determining which keywords to use? Instead of all tags, only queries like “interesting photos” will return Flickr thumbnails. link

Checkout Affliates

Google Checkout launches an affiliate program with integration incentives for “e-commerce providers.” Checkout is also running back-to-school promotional, accompanied by themed reasons to shop, like: “ Extra Underwear, Starbucks Store: All-Nighters.”

Ask’s new hire

Ask announces their new VP of Technology and Engineering, Chuch Geiger, former CTO at PayPal.

Comcast search

Comcast’s Google-based search gets a new look, and is possibly a new deal. Tail Rank follows the trail, more

“A high class problem”

Google seeks an exception to invest in R&D, rather than securities, as its investments grow so large it risks regulation as a mutual fund– a bid which Microsoft successfully secured in 1988. link

When it’s good for all, who pays?

A viral AdWords ad for Honda in MySpace displays in Gmail, sparking Garret French’s curiosity as he asks: Who is paying whom here? link

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By - August 22, 2006

SalesForce for AdWords

Today Salesforce launched AdWords campaign management technology. The new service allows users to directly buy keywords, place ads, and create performance reports in realtime. link

Spreadsheets makes the cut

In the wake of Video’s upgraded status on Google’s search page, Spreadsheets beta becomes an option for services in Google Mail.

Music Trends in GTalk

Google is releasing new data on Talk users’ music listening tastes in the Labs. Within the Google Talk client, users can activate Google to mine and categorize their music habits. Other Talk upgrades, here.

A dip in Google’s search share

Danny Sullivan discusses the first dip in Google’s market share in search in nearly a year, based on data from comScore and NetRatings: a fluctuation does not a downfall make. Sullivan agrees with comScore’s assessment that Google may have a greater seasonal tie, adding that it may be due to a larger academic audience. Tomorrow he makes sense of a conflicting Hitwise report that Google gained share between June and July 2006.

Gauging Google’s investment in India

“Rumor has it” Google plans to invest $1 billion into expanded R&D in Bangalore, India, in addition to Hyderabad. link

Yahoo Answers API

Yahoo releases an API for Yahoo! Answers that doesn’t require proxy. Answers also adds additional search fields to access content, including by user, topic, and category.

Google Base API

Google Base releases an API for new applications that could create, edit and delete data, or specify queries.

Orkut’s souring relationship with Brazil

Brazil may close Google’s Orkut offices in Sao Paulo in regards to a federal injunction to release user information, reports Search Engine Watch.

Checkout back-ups

Google Checkout glitches caused an unintended sharing of discounts and delays for users. “For a short period last night [Tuesday], the Google Checkout icon was inadvertently assigned to ads for U.S. AdWords clients who are not Checkout users,” Google tells ComptuerWorld. more

AOL cleans house

Following the privacy violation debacle regarding the release of users’ search histories, AOL cleans house by firing the CTO Maureen Govern and two employees. link, Cnet follow-up

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  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    Melanie – love these quick FYI style summaries – thanks!

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By - August 16, 2006

Finding pictures in Picasa

Google acquires Neven Vision, a mobile photo search company, to bolster Picasa. Though there aren’t any special features to show off yet, Google says “one day” image search could be “as complex as recognizing people, places, and objects.”

Blinkx becomes a studybuddy

Blinkx moves its business model towards direct-paid services. In a recent partnership with AOL, Blinkx will provide an education-focused subset of its index to Blinkx founder and CTO said, “You are going to see us do more of these kinds of deals where we power video search on other sites and either get paid for it or share in the ad revenue that’s generated by it.”


Dapper unveils a new service that gauges blog popularity. Blotter graphs link stats over time based on Technorati data.

Exalead: preview of new beta

ResourceShelf summaries the key features. Try it for yourself here (pw: beta).

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  1. My only gripe with Dapper/Blotter is that I have to put the javascript code onto the blog template – but that’s not that easy for me to do with, or as I author the first two blogs and write for the third, but don’t control the blog templates of either.

  2. ludo says:

    We have been doing something similar to Blotter for the Italian blogosphere for quite a while:

  3. This can also be used as a private Web Service – just add any blog or technorati-listed URL at the end of the main URL parameter …AND PRESTO!
    You can customize the results with more parameters.
    You can save this to Favorites or even make a Homepage

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By - August 10, 2006

Web 2.0 short doc

TechCrunch’s Arrington delivers a 24 min. documentary, asking Silicon Valley leaders and start-up founders to define and discuss Web 2.0–what is it, and for how long? link

Two blogs born per second

Technorati’s latest state of the blogosphere, from David Sifry. Today, the blogosphere is doubling in size every 200 days, or about once every 6 and a half months. link

Google The Musical Press 2 CopyGoogle…the musical

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is putting on an electronic musical about Google. A dark-comedic fable, the musical depicts what would happen if Google disappeared one day—after taking over the world, one thought at a time.” Philipp has a detailed synopsis and review. link

Google Checkout expands

Google Checkout has now acquired more than 180 retailers and adds new categories—including Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Clothing, Home & Garden, Kids, Sports, Shoes, and Health. As Comparison Engines notes, there’s no integration with Froogle yet–but that must be on the way.

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  1. SorenG says:

    Interesting to see as one of the businesses highlighted on Google checkout. With GoogleBase as well, you got to wonder what eBay is thinking. It is pretty obvious Google is looking to take a big share of their business. I am not sure if they can sit back much longer without taking a pretty big hit, eventually. Not tomorrow, but no doubt it seems like a gradual effort to seriously compete with them. Still, it seems like they so far they have not had much of a response.

  2. Kevin Heisler says:

    Stating that Google “acquired” 180 merchants is misleading. That’s recycled PR from Comparison engines (Aug 6) recycled from Revenews (Aug 2).

    Google Checkout launched June 29th., Starbucks,,, ACE Hardware,, GNC, Timberland, Dick’s Sporting Goods,, Sports Authority, Dockers, Bluefly, eCost, Aeropostale, Zales, Rockport, Fossil,, Shop PBS,, Levi’s, were all GC beta clients.

    Lots of small retailers issued press releases six weeks ago touting their adoption of GC.

    Sierra Trading Post, GNC & Tweeters appear to be the major new additions to the Google Shopping Cart in the last six weeks.

    Any updates on Google Checkout from Search Engine Strategies?

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By - August 08, 2006

Picture 3-7

Spotting the right image

xcavator identifies photos with similar combinations of color swatches–by color characteristics and placements chosen by the user. At the moment, this unique image search trolls Flickr for its demo.

Brokering a digital Alexandria

The University of California Library system is considering a partnership with Google to scan and make searchable “34 million volumes from 100 libraries on 10 campuses” (link). If the UC decision overcomes contentious debate about scanning copyright protected materials, the UC will join six other libraries sharing with Google. via

Stop Badware

Google now serves a warning before directing a user to a site reported to the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ campaign committed to fighting malware., led by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Oxford Internet Institute, will also begin providing site-specific reports on badware cautioned pages.

Checking it out

Google Checkout does not factor into AdWords quality score algorithm. This is among other details from Alan Rimm-Kaufman’s interview with Benjamin Ling, Product Lead for Google Checkout.

Rollyo updates

Rollyo blog search now tracks news and trusted blogs, along with relevant web result updates. Rollyo’s founder David Pell says, “This is really a game changer for me as a user. Now I can read what Searchblog says about topic A and quickly see what is being said about the same topic across the blogs and news sites I (or you) know and trust.” Rollyo other improvements include a browser bookmarklet and users can now acquire any searchroll in the system by editing it.

International internet laws

The Senate has ratified an international treaty on cybercrime. Along with 40 other countries, the U.S. will now cooperate internationally to fight internet crimes committed via the internet—including those only in violation of foreign laws. EFF, link

No more bread-crumb trails

Finally, you can save locations on Google Maps. link

The bloke at the center of SES

A USA Today piece on Danny Sullivan orchestrating the SES conference from “the remote little village of Chitterne, about four hours southwest of London.”

Where in wiki

Futef adds relevance search to wikipedia’s many pages. While keyword search on wikipedia will return a list of its closest-matched topics, this Futeff serves a ranked list of relevant pages.

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  1. tq says:

    like xcavator, you also want to check out – it lets you search for similar images, once you ahve started with a keyword search.

  2. K.L. says:

    Just FYI, you spelled “Futef” wrong.

round up

By - August 02, 2006

Live Spaces

Windows Live Spaces launches. TechCrunch notes: …Live Spaces is taking over MSN Spaces completey – MSN Spaces pages now redirect to Live Spaces URLs. This is no small decision, because MSN Spaces is currently the largest blogging platform with over 100 million unique monthly visitors.

Toolbar packaged

Google Toolbar bundles with Firefox into a new multi-year package with RealPlayer: Real regularly distributes more than 2 million pieces of software a day worldwide. When users install RealPlayer, they will be given the option also to install either the Google Toolbar or Firefox.

Yahoo’s new domains

It seems Google isn’t the only one on a domain spree, as Yahoo has 11 new domains of its own. Including (via ResourceShelf)

Google’s Washington counsel talks

Alan Davidson, head of Google’s government affairs office in DC talks about internet regulation and other policy issues. Admits Davidson, “As a lobbyist, we’re getting our butts kicked in Washington.” (podcast at MIT)

(via ResourceShelf)

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By - August 01, 2006


Yahoo! inaugurated a new search crawler, Yahoo! Slurp last week, professed to be swifter and more efficient. “As a result, site owners will notice as much as a 25% reduction in the number of requests and bandwidth consumed by the crawler…Owners should see a much lower crawl load without a loss in content coverage.”

Disclosing invalid clicks

AdWords is now sharing data on invalid clicks with advertisers, as a new report feature in their account. (thanks wisegeek)

Search 2.0 v. traditional

Read/Write Web writes a comparative survey of the landscape, part one and part two: How is traditional search evolving to Search 2.0? Perhaps a better way to look at this: how is traditional search evolving to become more personalized and specialized?

Most valuable brands

According to Business Week, the 2006 list: #2 Microsoft. “Google now has the biggest one-year gain in the five year history of the list, up 46%,” ResourceShelf, “but Microsoft’s overall brand value still has a considerable lead. About 5x that of Google.” — #24 Google, #47 eBay, #55 Yahoo, and #65 Amazon.

HoleintheheadThe Funnies

Responding to Battelle’s post citing an estimate that 12% of all eBay traffic comes from Google, a reader sent in a little game he invented.

What is an eBad and how do I play? eBad is a term I derived from “Bad eBay Ad”. To play, search Google and get points when you find a funny eBay ad! What do you get with the points? Well… personal satisfaction! … like if you search for ‘stolen cars’, you get an eBay ad that says “Looking for Stolen Cars? Find exactly what you want today…

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3 thoughts on “round up

  1. Andrea Baron says:

    That Brands list is somewhat different to the one I read on a newspaper last year… It had #1 Google, #2 Apple and #3 Mini continuing with #4 Coca-cola #5 Samsung #6 Ikea #7 Nokia #8 Nike #9 Sony #10 Starbucks. It was from Interbrand data even that and it was said to be the ten most recognised brands in the world. So, Google is the most recognised, but not the most valuable? Same thing happens to Apple (#2 here and #39 in the BW list). Mini is not even ranked… but the parent brand, BMW, scores at #15.

  2. Peter says:

    I like the idea of “eBad”, I’ve seen a few absurd ones in my time.

  3. John says:

    I saw an eBay ad on Y! that read:

    Looking for Orphans?
    Find it on eBay!