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By - August 02, 2006

Live Spaces

Windows Live Spaces launches. TechCrunch notes: …Live Spaces is taking over MSN Spaces completey – MSN Spaces pages now redirect to Live Spaces URLs. This is no small decision, because MSN Spaces is currently the largest blogging platform with over 100 million unique monthly visitors.

Toolbar packaged

Google Toolbar bundles with Firefox into a new multi-year package with RealPlayer: Real regularly distributes more than 2 million pieces of software a day worldwide. When users install RealPlayer, they will be given the option also to install either the Google Toolbar or Firefox.

Yahoo’s new domains

It seems Google isn’t the only one on a domain spree, as Yahoo has 11 new domains of its own. Including (via ResourceShelf)

Google’s Washington counsel talks

Alan Davidson, head of Google’s government affairs office in DC talks about internet regulation and other policy issues. Admits Davidson, “As a lobbyist, we’re getting our butts kicked in Washington.” (podcast at MIT)

(via ResourceShelf)

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