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By - August 08, 2006

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Spotting the right image

xcavator identifies photos with similar combinations of color swatches–by color characteristics and placements chosen by the user. At the moment, this unique image search trolls Flickr for its demo.

Brokering a digital Alexandria

The University of California Library system is considering a partnership with Google to scan and make searchable “34 million volumes from 100 libraries on 10 campuses” (link). If the UC decision overcomes contentious debate about scanning copyright protected materials, the UC will join six other libraries sharing with Google. via

Stop Badware

Google now serves a warning before directing a user to a site reported to the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ campaign committed to fighting malware., led by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Oxford Internet Institute, will also begin providing site-specific reports on badware cautioned pages.

Checking it out

Google Checkout does not factor into AdWords quality score algorithm. This is among other details from Alan Rimm-Kaufman’s interview with Benjamin Ling, Product Lead for Google Checkout.

Rollyo updates

Rollyo blog search now tracks news and trusted blogs, along with relevant web result updates. Rollyo’s founder David Pell says, “This is really a game changer for me as a user. Now I can read what Searchblog says about topic A and quickly see what is being said about the same topic across the blogs and news sites I (or you) know and trust.” Rollyo other improvements include a browser bookmarklet and users can now acquire any searchroll in the system by editing it.

International internet laws

The Senate has ratified an international treaty on cybercrime. Along with 40 other countries, the U.S. will now cooperate internationally to fight internet crimes committed via the internet—including those only in violation of foreign laws. EFF, link

No more bread-crumb trails

Finally, you can save locations on Google Maps. link

The bloke at the center of SES

A USA Today piece on Danny Sullivan orchestrating the SES conference from “the remote little village of Chitterne, about four hours southwest of London.”

Where in wiki

Futef adds relevance search to wikipedia’s many pages. While keyword search on wikipedia will return a list of its closest-matched topics, this Futeff serves a ranked list of relevant pages.

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  1. tq says:

    like xcavator, you also want to check out – it lets you search for similar images, once you ahve started with a keyword search.

  2. K.L. says:

    Just FYI, you spelled “Futef” wrong.