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By - August 25, 2006

Picture 7-4Flickr images enter Yahoo

Yahoo begins to integrate Flickr images into search results. A corresponding new tool in Flickr allows users to remove their pictures from search listings. Everyone is asking: how are the images in results ranked? and how is Yahoo determining which keywords to use? Instead of all tags, only queries like “interesting photos” will return Flickr thumbnails. link

Checkout Affliates

Google Checkout launches an affiliate program with integration incentives for “e-commerce providers.” Checkout is also running back-to-school promotional, accompanied by themed reasons to shop, like: “ Extra Underwear, Starbucks Store: All-Nighters.”

Ask’s new hire

Ask announces their new VP of Technology and Engineering, Chuch Geiger, former CTO at PayPal.

Comcast search

Comcast’s Google-based search gets a new look, and is possibly a new deal. Tail Rank follows the trail, more

“A high class problem”

Google seeks an exception to invest in R&D, rather than securities, as its investments grow so large it risks regulation as a mutual fund– a bid which Microsoft successfully secured in 1988. link

When it’s good for all, who pays?

A viral AdWords ad for Honda in MySpace displays in Gmail, sparking Garret French’s curiosity as he asks: Who is paying whom here? link

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