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By - August 01, 2006


Yahoo! inaugurated a new search crawler, Yahoo! Slurp last week, professed to be swifter and more efficient. “As a result, site owners will notice as much as a 25% reduction in the number of requests and bandwidth consumed by the crawler…Owners should see a much lower crawl load without a loss in content coverage.”

Disclosing invalid clicks

AdWords is now sharing data on invalid clicks with advertisers, as a new report feature in their account. (thanks wisegeek)

Search 2.0 v. traditional

Read/Write Web writes a comparative survey of the landscape, part one and part two: How is traditional search evolving to Search 2.0? Perhaps a better way to look at this: how is traditional search evolving to become more personalized and specialized?

Most valuable brands

According to Business Week, the 2006 list: #2 Microsoft. “Google now has the biggest one-year gain in the five year history of the list, up 46%,” ResourceShelf, “but Microsoft’s overall brand value still has a considerable lead. About 5x that of Google.” — #24 Google, #47 eBay, #55 Yahoo, and #65 Amazon.

HoleintheheadThe Funnies

Responding to Battelle’s post citing an estimate that 12% of all eBay traffic comes from Google, a reader sent in a little game he invented.

What is an eBad and how do I play? eBad is a term I derived from “Bad eBay Ad”. To play, search Google and get points when you find a funny eBay ad! What do you get with the points? Well… personal satisfaction! … like if you search for ‘stolen cars’, you get an eBay ad that says “Looking for Stolen Cars? Find exactly what you want today…

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3 thoughts on “round up

  1. Andrea Baron says:

    That Brands list is somewhat different to the one I read on a newspaper last year… It had #1 Google, #2 Apple and #3 Mini continuing with #4 Coca-cola #5 Samsung #6 Ikea #7 Nokia #8 Nike #9 Sony #10 Starbucks. It was from Interbrand data even that and it was said to be the ten most recognised brands in the world. So, Google is the most recognised, but not the most valuable? Same thing happens to Apple (#2 here and #39 in the BW list). Mini is not even ranked… but the parent brand, BMW, scores at #15.

  2. Peter says:

    I like the idea of “eBad”, I’ve seen a few absurd ones in my time.

  3. John says:

    I saw an eBay ad on Y! that read:

    Looking for Orphans?
    Find it on eBay!