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News: Google Apps Targeting the Enterprise

By - August 27, 2006


Question: Where’s the big money in the IT business?

Answer: The enterprise.

Question: Who owns the enterprise desktop?

Answer: Microsoft.

Question: What should Google do about it?

Answer: Here’s a start, an email forwarded to me about a new Google service which is clearly the start of a targeted offering for the enterprise:

On Monday August 28th we are announcing Google Apps for Your Domain. This brand new Google service allows everyone in an organization to collaborate and stay up-to-date through e-mail, calendar and instant messaging – anywhere, anytime.

Everything is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware to buy and maintain or software to manage, deploy and patch. The applications are fast, reliable, work from anywhere, anytime and have the elegant simplicity everyone has come to expect from Google. And they’re free. The applications we’re releasing at this time represent only the beginning; we’re working hard to add more. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

We thought that as a Google Mini customer you’d be interested in taking a look at this exciting new service from Google. You can read more about this service and sign up at We are also working on an Enterprise version of Google Apps for Your Domain that will include features, integration options, capacity and support offerings designed to meet the needs of larger organizations.

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9 thoughts on “News: Google Apps Targeting the Enterprise

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  2. Esoos Bobnar says:

    Prett cool, but be sure to check out the privacy notice Om Malik mentioned:

    Not that this should necessarily stop anyone, but it should be read before jumping in.

  3. Alex says:

    Doesn’t that privacy notice just mean that the people who run your domain have this access? That doesn’t seem any scarier than any normal IT organization, where you expect your boss to be reading your e-mail anyway.

  4. Ashish Sinha says:

    What’s more interesting is the educational domain part. Its a very smart way to tap those impressionable minds and convert them to a forever-customer.

    More here

  5. fredhead says:

    gmail is down this morning. what was that about fast and reliable?!

  6. Devan says:

    Why is this new news? The email+calendar+talk has been part of the GMail for Your Domain offering for months now. They just added pages and put out a press release!

  7. Joe Hunkins says:

    Brilliant as usual. MS has thrived for decades partly from good products but also by making it very hard – nearly impossible – to avoid using MS applications even if they were cumbersome or complex or way overbuilt as is MS Office.

    Google can skim perhaps 80% of all *enterprise* application uses with simple, easy, fast tools that intergrate well with online calendars, websites, and other online tools.

    The new Enterprise Network environment is called “The Internet” and Google wants to control it before MS even figures out what’s going on.

  8. Patrick Dempsey says:

    Shouldn’t they also be offering it to the ones who would like to “manage, deploy and patch” it themselves? Then all the “gmail is just plain creepy” dolts can be brought into the fold, as it were.

    Oh, I’m just too Web 0.9!

  9. Google: And if the Chinese government asks them to disclose your company information to them, they will. Of course, you’re not a Chinese company, so what right would they have to ask for your information anyway? But then again, Google is not about to push back given the *market opportunity* in China today. As you know, it’s better to engage with the Chinese government than to sit on the sidelines. Google sold out the Chinese people, why wouldn’t they sell you out too?