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My my, How Time Flies: The Seach Now In Paperback (With New Chapter!)

By - August 06, 2006

An observant reader told me yesterday that The Search is now available for pre-order on Amazon – in paperback. Has it really been a whole year?! And four months since I wrote the new chapter updating the book!? Lordy. Well, I hope you’ll all see it as that perfect Fall read… order, if you’re so inclined, click on the image at left….

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  • noah kagan

    Shucks, I paid full price for the hardcover;) It was a great read and had a lot of information I couldn’t find elsewhere.

    You also did a great job of providing projections to the future and ideas on the real usages of the Google technology. Definitely recommend it to anyone interested in search or Google.

    noah kagan

  • Miles Barr

    There’s a new chapter? What does it cover? Amazon still only has details (contents) from the hardback edition.

  • John Battelle

    It’s an update since the book was written. Covers an entire year…

  • xslf

    Ahhh… The limitations of paper vs. bytes- bytes can be updated, but we paper owners will be left without the new chapter (or will we?).

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Damn! I’m here in India (Hyderabad) and I paid full price for the hardcover edition. And it’s a legit copy (in case they bootleg hardcovers)! I’m a sucker.