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Mitch Does Search

By - August 03, 2006

Mitch Kapor is a legend in the IT world (he’s the guy behind Lotus) and he’s always interested in new models (he’s an investor in FM, for example, which certainly influences my view of the guy). In any case, Mitch is starting another company, Foxmarks, which focuses, in Mitch’s words, “on innovation at the intersection of search and social production.” Richard at ReadWriteWeb has a writeup here. I’m a bit confused, however, if it’s related to this Foxmarks, which lives in a similar vein. I’m pinging Mitch to find out…

Update: Mitch sez:

First we created a Firefox extension called Foxmarks that synchronizes bookmarks.  The URL you sent is for the main page of the web site, which happens to be a Wiki.

We used the bookmark corpus we collected to create the proof-of-concept system for the new startup.  We will keep building on this, but the extension is separate form the web site we are going to build.

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3 thoughts on “Mitch Does Search

  1. SorenG says:

    I doubt it is related, and would be surpised if he says anything more at this point. My guess is he has said what he wanted, just to get a little buzz. No doubt the project should be well-funded so not having to do the VC dance should help them move forward pretty fast.

  2. KING TROLL says:

    Hey Battelle, they wrote about you over at Theyre talking about Federated Media. Looks like you’re coming up bro. Ill go click on a few ads across your Federated network and fill out some fake applications. Shit bro, I might even make a purchase or 2 then just email the vendor to cancel the order so it doesnt affect the cpa results!

    If you give me fre reign on the board , i’ll devote 15 minutes 4 times per day on doing what I stated. What do you think? Fucking win/win bro. Its all about the Co-opetition!

  3. I appreciate your spirit, King T, but don’t endorse your methods. It’s not cool to fake intent for gain. It’s counterproductive to real community.