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Help Us Find The Companies That Will Launch at Web 2.0 2006

By - August 20, 2006

Web205Logo-1-TmLast year marked the debut of a new feature at the Web 2.0 Conference, an event I have chaired since its inception in 2004. Called the Launch Pad, it highlighted a baker’s dozen of companies that either launched a major new service, or their entire company, at the annual Fall event.

Earlier this year we announced the opening of the submission process for the 2006 event. And just like last year, I ask for your help (last year more than 50 submission streamed in after my post). But unlike last year, this year I am getting some help. Instead of me making all the decisions, this year I’ve recruited a stellar group of Launch Pad advisors, who will be helping me find the next group of companies to launch this November. The Launch Pad Advisory Board is comprised of:

Jim Bankoff, AOL

Ross Levinsohn, Fox Interactive

Megan Smith, Google

Shana Fisher, IAC

Allen Morgan, Mayfield

Bryce Roberts/Marc Jacobsen, O’Reilly Ventures

Chris Albinson/Mike Jung, Panorama Capital

Michael Hirshland, Polaris

Mike Arrington, Techcrunch

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo

Jim Lussier, Norwest Venture Partners

I’m honored to have such an august group of folks helping us find the best companies to highlight at Web 2 this year. Some of the members are venture capital partners (partners of mine in FM, or at O’Reilly, or pals), others are responsible for charting the M&A strategies for the major platform companies, and still others (like Mike Arrington and I) are entrepreneurs and publishers. All are very experienced at grokking a new company’s potential.

We’re in the final stages of reviewing submissions (more than 100 have already come in), and I’d like to ask all of you to help us. If you or someone (or someone you know) are running a company that might want to launch a major product or service this November, please let us know!

Update: Submissions for the Launch Pad will close August 28!

Full disclosure: There is a fee if you are chosen, but we’ve kept it commensurate with the costs of producing the Launch Pad session. There is no fee to enter!

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6 thoughts on “Help Us Find The Companies That Will Launch at Web 2.0 2006

  1. Was that comment about the ‘baker’s dozen’ to be taken literally?

    Behind most Web 2.0 Start-ups lies real-live Human Beings, with dreams, vision, intelligence, education and sweat.

    Is it really practical to LIMIT the acknowledgement of excellence to a NUMBER?! Should not we allow the excellence to be the cut-off point – NOT – the number.

    Could you envision the group struggling with 13, 14 or 15 great releases and naggingly trying to squeeze 2 or 3 out of the running so that it can be 12 evenly??

    Unless there are formidable logistical concerns, a cut-off point should only reflect the greatness of the quality, especially when the future of so many passionate people are being affected.

    Also, if a winner simply can not afford the fee, please consider offering some type of grant – one just never knows how far-reaching a brilliant idea at the right time can have on society

  2. Skeptic says:

    Need any help on the judging? I’m sure I’d add a little… diversity… to the process.

  3. SoulCast says:

    Does this mean the service or site can not have been beta launched before November in order to be eligible?

  4. Paolo! says:

    Maybe you can provide some space on the web2con site to show the submissions. My company is one of the applicants and some publicity is always nice 🙂

  5. Tom Foremski says:

    John, I had tons more fun at web 1.0 last year, which was across the street at the House of Shields 🙂

  6. Kyle says:

    Hi John, what’s the deadline for submission?