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Google and eBay

By - August 28, 2006

Yahoo made news when it nabbed eBay’s business in the US, but today Google announced it had secured eBay’s international business, for both text ads as well as click for call. Tit, meet tat.

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  • Jon Gales

    This is another boost to Google Talk, it’s going to be tied into the click-to-call feature. Along with integration with AIM, Google Talk could be getting ready to make a break.

  • Alberto

    This is a piece I wrote on why (I think) the eBay model will suffer in time. (I think) that recent news of higher rates and lower sell-through-rates further emphasize the issues that eBay is beginning to face.

    So the question:

    Google has lots of cash that it has to spend.. John, do you feel that there is any possibility that Google could make a bid for eBay? It would definitely be relevant for Mountain View, thinking of further links with its advertising network and Talk and CheckOut…