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Advertising Is Content

By - August 20, 2006

I’ve said that over and over, and the implications are very, very large. I’d love to see a study which tells us how much stuff on YouTube is commercial content produced for YouTube. Stuff like this, for example.

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5 thoughts on “Advertising Is Content

  1. leafar says:

    Advertising is content when it catches your brain :
    – funny
    – peoplish
    – sexy
    – trash
    – interesting
    ….. i.e when it’s relevant

    And to some extent when it becomes more than just content, it becomes information.

  2. shehara says:

    Advertising is content.Relevant, original and impactfull or not. As it is in the older traditional media. good or bad, effective or otherwise if it purports to sell/advocate/lobby but is not paid for and flagged as commercial content it comes under the label PR

  3. Great post – my personal opinion is that “advertising” as it is traditionally regarded will eventually disappear and be replaced with “Relevant Content.”

    Amazon is a fantastic example of this nascent trend. Do people regard their “recommendations” as advertisements? Probably not. Instead, however, the Amazon recommendation engine is regarded as a value-added service delivering significant utility to users. But when it boils down to it, what are recommendations? Advertisements.

    As the web transforms from a publication mechanism into a platform for distributed and shared services, the opportunity for delivering more relevant content will increase as well. With a greater amount of structured data available the opportunity to build powerful “Relevant Content” distribution engines will also increase for developers.

    Should be interesting to watch the shift in paradigms over the next couple years.

  4. Dan Blank says:

    I would love to see numbers as well. The amount of commercial content not only seems to be growing quickly, but trying to get in under the radar. I wonder if brand placement will begin to creep into videos as well – pay a popular YouTuber to have a can of Coke on their desk in the background?

  5. Timothy Post says:

    Advertising is content when it becomes entertainment.