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Yahoo Trip Planner launches

By - July 10, 2006

Picture 2-8On Sunday, Yahoo Travel launched Trip Planner, a CPC ad-based search that drives traffic to online travel booking sites (earlier glimpsed here in beta). Yahoo hopes to secure a foothold in an increasingly tight travel market by integrating user generated content, including sharable trip albums and photo journals. In a Forbes interview, a Yahoo rep says that although the growth in the online travel market is slowing as it matures, the pressure on travel sites to find new sources of traffic will only drive demand for Trip Planner.

[Update: A Yahoo! PR rep. felt that Trip Planner is better described as an “online travel research resource,” although it also serves the function of driving monetized search traffic.]

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One thought on “Yahoo Trip Planner launches

  1. Keith Cash says:

    This is real cool.

    Good post