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By - July 04, 2006

It’s nice sometimes, three years later, to see your ideas, well, covered. Neat.

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9 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Brandon says:

    John, I missed your original post on this, but very interesting stuff. Congrats on being covered in NYT.

  2. Yes, it was a good article and your ideas were well presented. I also wrote up a post in Webmetricsguru on the story – I’ve been posting alot and have stopped for the day but could not resist posting on this one again —–

  3. Hashim says:

    “The New York Times Company owns a stake in Mr. Battelle’s latest Internet company, Federated Media Publishing.”

    I didn’t know that. That’s cooler than being covered.

  4. ELLIS says:

    Good article.

    Looks like the word is out. Very cool press.

  5. Darryl W says:

    Interesting. My need to read the NYT column more offen to find out what is really happen in the internet business

  6. "-" says:


    I think you missed something here.

    You really *understand* these guys and what
    they’re doing. They want to create

    a monster.

    Or, rather, an awareness, an intelligence,

    or something like that.

    That’s the book. And worth following up on.


  7. Casey says:

    I quite enjoyed this article and instantly thought about a site called PubSub ( The site says it gives you the ability to search the future: “Traditional search stores data and then allows you to find documents within that store of data. PubSub operates by first storing your subscription query, and then watching for new information that matches it.”

    You basically just set up a subscription and enter keywords (more specific the better) and then PubSub lets you know when those keywords show up on the web.

    It would be really cool to check out the PubSub subscriptions and compare those to Google Trends to see if and when they show up.

  8. Keith Cash says:

    Keep up the Good work John, the other news sources are taking notice.

  9. nosequemasda says:

    I write from Spain, and your article is really interesting… and your idea of The Database of Intentions is a good idea, but is it possible?