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5 thoughts on “Tubes, Updated By Jon Stewart

  1. Jason says:


    Awesome video. Check out YouTubes embed stuff, so we can stay on your site!

  2. John says:

    Does YouTube have a deal with Comedy Central?

    You probably should be linking to:

    Funny how YouTube’s success was bolstered by allowing users to host illegal copies of SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” with NBC asking YouTube to take it down, and then NBC later partnering with YouTube.


  3. SorenG says:

    I do not know why everyone is giving this Senator such a hard time. I mean, he got the entire internet sent to him over a weekend, presumably by email. That is an amazing feat! Maybe people ar just jealous . . . I say lets get an interview with him and learn how he did this!

  4. Alok says:

    Hilarious video clip! Most law-makers are just in for the moolah, but this sucker was caught with his pants down. Old geezer does not have a clue about the Internet or Net Neutrality.

  5. Billiger says:

    great! a really great video.