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Ted Stevens, Remixed by The Internets

By - July 12, 2006

Blog+Image Thumb SeriesoftubesA series of tubes, is what Senator Ted Stevens called the Internet. He has no idea what he’s talking about, but he’s against net neutrality, that’s for sure, and he is, in fact, a major voice in the debate. Scary? Yeah. All you need to know, really, can be found here. Really. Listen. It’s so….good. (Thanks, Bill Gibson).

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3 thoughts on “Ted Stevens, Remixed by The Internets

  1. Devoted Neutralist says:

    Finally! An opponent of net neutrality that knows less about how the Internet and networks work than the supporters of net neutrality!

  2. You think Williams’ bizarre description of the Internet was ingnorant, Harry Reid’s take on global warming is worse.

    He had stated that the recent floods in the Northeast were caused by global warming. That’s like saying George W. Bush’s Iraq is an act of, not of himself and his administration, but an act of his following the words of G_d saying that was the best thing to do.