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Safa: Google and Yahoo Poised for Good Quarter

By - July 10, 2006

Over the weekend I got some research (PDF file) from Safa of Piper which says Yahoo and Google are going to have a better quarter than he originally thought.

We expect strong results from Google and Yahoo next week and, given current valuations, we believe the stocks will react positively. The continued strength of search in a seasonally slow Q2, which in the past has been disappointing, could be a major catalyst for the Internet sector which continues to trade near trough valuations.

(more coverage at Eric Savitz‘s blog)

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2 thoughts on “Safa: Google and Yahoo Poised for Good Quarter

  1. Dereg Adnerg says:

    Yeah, definitely believe Google and Yahoo had good quarter as most of publishers gets less and less money for displaying ads.

  2. Ellis says:

    The rich get richer. It is good to hear that both are doing well, advertising is usually on of the first industries that slow if the economy is slowing