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By - July 31, 2006

Google settlement

The judge in the Google click-fraud case approved the $90m settlement—in credits, Google is pleased but 500 drop-out from the class-action. (Battelle talked earlier about this. ) AP: By settling claims made in the plaintiffs’ class-action lawsuit, Google will give advertising credits that are the equivalent of a $4.50 refund on every $1,000 spent in its ad network during the past 4 1/4 years.

Picture 4-3AOL Video

Time Warner introduces AOL Video search (with upload and sharing capabilities) that will offer on-demand video and TV shows like South Park, in addition to free content. TechWeb writes that the technology backbone is from Truevo and Singingfish, which AOL purchased last Dec. and in 2003 respectively. Planned to launch Aug. 4.

Picture 6-4Hot eye-tracker study

A web navigation study finds the upper left of the search results screen attracts the majority of attention, with about 45% of user clicks within the slightly larger F-shaped area. Research at the University of Hamburg finds: the Web moving from static hypertext information to dynamic interactive services. Clickstream heatmaps and web page statistics show rapid interaction over smaller areas of the screen.

About 33% of searches contain 2 keywords, over 88% contain only 2-3. (from SEW)

False names

A loophole in ICANN’s registration policy is abused in “a growing practice dubbed Domain Name Kiting,” reports Kuro5hin: Of more than 35 million domain names registered in May 2006, less than 3 million were legitimate! The remaining 92% were dropped within five days without incurring registration fees…ICANN regulations permit domain registrars to delete a registration within five days a receive a full refund.

  • SEARCH Engine Web ♣

    So many Good topics today – had to save time by literally digging – – as one topic

    But, in reference to the Domain Knitting controversy – Who are they hurting by making a few dollars?

    For all anyone knows, these ROI strategies many help keep domain costs low or help in the offering of free services that many Registrars are now offering, or even prevent employees from being laid off in a business that may not be that profitable of a Cost per transaction model.

    Of course, no one should be too extreme, because a backlash will sadly ruin it for everyone.

    Society expects everyone to be Pure and Flawless in every way - those are just not the realities of business survival.

    If there are loopholes that ocassionally allow people to get a little extra in life – so be it – how many times during a lifetime are you shortchanged & screwed?

  • isulong seoph

    almost all eye-tracker studies have shown a left-side bias. furthermore, conspicuous images or graphics attracts the eyes to avert from the text to that particular image.

    (kindly delete the previous comment, hit the wrong post. :p)

  • Mitanshu Garg

    I think this is NOT right place to post but now you can see your orkut birthday scraps on google’s homepage as seen in

  • Gerald Buckley

    I wonder if there’s been a study on vertical search properties and eye tracking behavior? I’d like to think the topical engine we operate is more info dense than a Google or a Yahoo. But, then… human behavior might just be human behavior. Dunno?

    The “magic triangle” as it was once called is a hard habit to break I’m sure.

  • Home Based Business

    Well, this research may not be complete. It was already discovered long back that when men see pictures of beautiful girls their pupils become big and all attention is diverted there – whetther or not the pics are in the small F shaped area :) I have tested this with one of my websites and it gets lot of traffic and click rate is very high !!

  • Güzel Resimler

    “there’s been a study on vertical search properties and eye tracking behavior?” i am wondering about tihs too

  • Content Marquee

round up

By - July 25, 2006

Picture 2-15G-Maps mobile traffic tracker

Google Maps adds a mobile traffic tracker, as well as allowing users to save routes. Currently only for mobile users (in 30 metro areas, on 100 types of devices), plans are in the works to expand services to online users.

Digg Labs

Digg Labs goes live, unveiling new infosthetic (data visualization) tools: Swarm and Stack—previewed earlier, in the version 3 launch.

Giants don’t do ‘niche’

A great post on BuzzMachine talks about the need for specialized search, and why that means the burgeoning Google is not invincible.”


An interview with microformat thought leaders, Tantek Çelik and Rohit Khare, at Wharton.

Picture 3-6Diigo

An addition to the social bookmarking bandwagon.
Diigo‘s standout feature is that its a sticky-note and highlighter apps. run as an overlay, in situ on webpages.

  • SorenG

    Just tried out Digg Labs. Kind of neat, and no doubt those who created the tools had fun, but I for one do not see Swarm and Stack getting used much.


    Hi John,
    I use Diigo as a kind of information-management tool, and I see it’s great novelty in keeping the connection between the information and its source.
    It’s indeed the only tool available that lets me interact with the source itself – highlight text, add my notes on specific highlights, comment on the whole page, tag it for later, and share it with others.

    I also like it’s search and viewing capabilities.

    About the social aspect -
    I notice that some people, while not great writers themselves, are very good in picking out the highlights from any given text and tagging it. You can easily notice that at delicious, digg and clipmarks.

    On a wider perspective, imagine that top thinkers, scientists and other inspirational people start to use Diigo, and share some of their
    I know I for one would like to follow what Noam Chomski and Kevin Kelly are reading and finding worthy.

round up

By - July 21, 2006

Picture 2-13Fun with Google

- E4! on Google Earth.

Techkwondo is developing a game of Battleship for Google Earth that interacts for the drop with players’ cell phone GPS signals. (via Blogscoped)

- Painting with Google.

Also via Philipp, a fan creates a working mock-up of what Google Paint might look like.

I’ve been messing around with Phillipp’s new book, 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google– and it is just that.

Keyword price down-tick

The average bid for search marketing keywords went down 8.6 ($1.27) in Q2, reports the research firm Fathom.

Search Zoom introduces Search Zoom, which aims to capitalize on its vertical advantage with categories: buying guides, product reviews, discussion forums and product details. Become’s Sr. Director of Product Search, Jon Glick notes in Comparison Engines:

“If you’re a general purpose search engine, you can’t have 30 buttons across the top. As a vertical search engine, we just wanted to limit the choices to the decisions that people who need to make a buying decision need. We have a more constrained problem. We can help people in ways that Google as a general search engine can’t.”

  • Keith Cash

    I am ready for a good game of battle ship.
    Any takers

  • M G

    I liked the Google paint mockup.
    Wow now there are books to have fun on google.

  • Philipp Lenssen

    > I’ve been messing around with
    > Phillip’s new book, 55 Ways to Have Fun
    > with Google– and it is just that.


round up

By - July 20, 2006

Yahoo plop

Yahoo share dropped “nearly 22 percent on Wednesday,” reports the WashPost. “The wipeout erased about $10.4 billion in shareholder wealth,” although the Q2 revenue is up 26%. (Thread Watch mumbles, ‘because they can’t keep up with pushing out more beta products like Google.’)

India blocks ISPs for security

The block on blogging sties in India is reportedly due to a government security blackout aimed at derailing “terror units (read SIMI)” by physically locating IP addresses. According to Mutiny, India asked ISPs to suspend access to blogspot, typepad, and geosites. This may clear up the lack of explanation since Sunday, but it is unofficial and meanwhile Indians are fuming.

Estimating MySpace search

Whether or not the mega social site generates proportional ad revenue, it certainly is making a dent on search referrals. An interesting Business Week article suggests MySpace search is powered by RevenueSource (the auction specualtion continues) and parses stats on MySpace’s generation of search traffic, but SEW says the numbers don’t add up. Was that 5% of search traffic on the web, .06% in the US, or 8% of Google’s search?

Post secrets

According to a new PEW study (PDF): Bloggers largely post about their personal lives (37%)—rather than general topics such as technology, politics, business or other news. Also, authors are generally young (54% under 30) and evenly divided between genders. (via Resource Shelf)

  • Adam

    >>”The wipeout erased about $10.4 billion in shareholder wealth,” although the Q2 revenue is up 26%. (Thread Watch mumbles, ‘because they can’t keep up with pushing out more beta products like Google.’)

    Are any of Google’s beta products worth one, let alone 10 billion dollars? What other GOOG product (besides Adsense) makes a noticable bump to the bottomline?

    Sorry, but betas do not equal $$$.

  • SEARCH Engine WEB

    THERE MAY HAVE BEEN A MISUNDERSTANDING among those ISPs and the Indian Gov’t ……Here is an update:

  • baidu315

    Baidu, the leading search engine in China, was under storms of criticism from users and media in the second largest internet market in the world.

  • SorenG

    I got to think Yahoo stock will go up; they have such a large user-base. But it is frustrating that they cannot compete with Google more for search ads. I think many of us would love Google having more real competition. It may even encourage them to give people a better split. What is taking them so long?

round up

By - July 18, 2006

Great net neutrality debate

Yesterday’s conversation between Vint Cerf and David Farber on “What is Net Neutrality?” is available via podcast from the Center for American Progress: feed (mp3).


If American Idol is any indication, there’s a ripe market to serve the hopes of aspiring stars as well as their entertainment to a wide audience. Launched today, Bix hopes to answer with a platform to run home-grown talent contests in video, music, and other media.

The farthest hub from hip

Meet Wal-Mart’s miserable attempt to create a hip social video site: The Hub. Think MySpace stripped of content, striped with pending approval notices on what content is left, and emails sent to parents of teens who register.

Rank comparison

Fortune completes the first phase of research analyzing the comparative ranking methods of the Google, Yahoo!, and MSN engines. Amid differences, the three giant engines in common use the quality of incoming links as the most important off-page contribution to search ranking, and the quantity of those links as the least.

  • Sophia

    Very nice site and well presented with some good information.Parhaps visit us also under

  • Webmetricsguru

    Sounds like the Fortune Interactive Study showed it’s very hard to get top rankings in all three major engines for the same exact pages because of the difference in how backlinks are evaluated.

  • SEARCH Engine WEB

    Maybe we could rename this the “Melanie & Search Engines Web Round Up” :LOL

  • Trogdor

    (re: The Hub)

    I like the list of what people don’t like about Wal-Mart. It’s pretty damn accurate, even in good areas of town. Waitaminute … ya ever notice that once Wal-Mart moves in, it’s not exactly a good area of town anymore?

    It’s just amazing, though. WM makes a MySpace wannabe, but sets it up so that it’s all promoting WM heavily, and expects kids to join up and socialize, and the initial examples are paid actors portraying teens using the site … is it just me, or are (some) marketing people completely delusional?

    It reminds me of nothing so much as Chris Anderson’s blog The Long Tail. A recent post discusses the types of “hits” there are out there (‘top-down’ ones are expected, great hits; ‘synthetic’ ones are movies/etc that are marketed to an inch of their life, and people go practically knowing it’ll be crap; ‘bottom-up’ hits are ones that weren’t expected to do well, but through word of mouth, did).

    Overabundance of marketing hype led to the 2nd type, and thanks to the way the landscape is changing, this type is a dying breed.

  • dumbfounder

    That walmart site is hilarious.

  • Redclaw

    /agree on that walmart site. high-lar-ious. I don’t myspace myself, but my wife does, and the walmart site is bugly and as fake as the fake addidas shoes they sell.

  • M G

    Looks like the walmart site is geared for 10-12 year olds on there website. We laugh now but walmart can make the site a force it it wants to.

Round Up

By - July 14, 2006

IM interoperability

Limited public testing is underway on integrated IM communication between Yahoo Messenger with Voice and Microsoft’s IM service. Combined, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger would comprise the world’s largest IM community, and the first partnership of its kind.

Picture 5-5Q&A with Hayden on Social Search and JetEye

David Hayden, co-founder of Magellan, talks about with SEL about his vision for the future of social search and his new project, JetEye.

So in a word, social search will be mainstream, because it represents the pursuit of knowledge over information, and the pursuit of knowledge must be a mainstream activity.

Watson customizable search

Watson, the free, contextual search sidebar by Intellext, is now customizable with sites like MySpace and the WSJ. Waston mines data in engines, social sites, desktops, blogs, news, subscriptions, and networks.

Round Up

By - July 11, 2006


ExactSeek search launches in beta, with an index of over 100 million documents and growing. ExactSeek accepts url submissions to its index, which provides a subject directory, covering the web, images, news, articles, and weblogs.

Baidu Space

Baidu, the dominant search engine in the world’s second largest internet market, plans to launch a blogging platform, on Thursday, with keyword search. It joins “formidable challengers” including “Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google,, and (SEJ)”

Scaling chores at Google

“Google Engineering is different,” wrote Peter Norvig on the Google Research Blog in February. “We’re different, and we like it that way.” eWeek takes an interesting look at how Google extends its automatized mentality to the commonplace tasks of keeping books and files every business must handle.

Cult or Corporation?

The Register takes a snarky look at Google’s modus operandi. Meanwhile, a piece at Short-Media analyses why “we” love Google but hate the RIAA.

API ovation

Google publishes a list of the most popular developers around the world, by downloads of their gadgets.

Anti-Trust Threat

If you didn’t already catch this, Google made known it will not hesitate to press an anti-trust suit if net neutrality is uprooted through the telecommunications restructuring.

Picture 5-4Barcodepedia

On this social site, one can upload barcodes via webcam into a shared database. A reader wrote in that Barcodepedia sounded a lot like the “building block for [the] ‘wine’ example” that Battelle used in The Search. (Thanks Brandon) (slashdot)

  • Brian

    Not only are barcodes gaining momentum in search discussions, they’re taking an artful turn. AdAge wrote about the winner of the Cannes International Advertising Festival Titanium Lion Award which featured barcode-based creative.

    Here’s the link:


round up

By - July 06, 2006

Yahoo Ready!

Mobile access to Yahoo mail, IM, and contacts is now live in Ready beta.

“Did you Mean” my company?

Companies can EgoGoogle to see if Google turns them up as a spelling correction for multiple terms. Of course, some companies will display as top results even when the terms are separated.

Free Live Calls

Windows Live Local offers free calls for listed businesses. Search and find a business, enter your phone number, and Live will call both parties. In beta, it’s available only in the US and cell phone charges still apply. Resource Shelf gives it thumbs-up on functionality, but speculates it could be the ‘click-fraud’ (annoy-competitors-to-death weapon).


Trumalia is a search engine with riddles, and prizes, via SEL describes it as “a Search-entertainment Engine for Riddle Lovers and Artists”


Searchles socializes bookmarking, making friends’ or wider circles of bookmarks serachable. Launched last week, plans underway to integrate Dumfind.

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  • dumbfounder


    I think some wires got crossed somewhere along the line. I am dumbfounder/ceo of Dumbfind/Searchles and we are planning on integrating Dumbfind with Searchles to create a social search engine, but have no plans to integrate Pligg. I hadn’t even heard of Pligg until just now. But now that I have checked Pligg out, that might be a good idea… Have already searchled it!


  • benny


    Thanks for that totally worthless spam. I hope your business goes down the tubes (down to your level of integrity).


  • dumbfounder

    thanks benny, it’s nice to have insane fans

  • Frank

    I agree with Benny, dumbfounder stop spamming all of the blogs, its getting a little annoying. Thanks

  • dumbfounder

    thanks Frank.

    fyi, to all the reasonable people out there, Melanie made a mistake before and said that Searchles was integrating Pligg into its product. This is not the case. (this tidbit also picked up as fact here:
    I corrected her. She corrected the entry (but made no mention of the correction). I was flamed. I responded. I was flamed again. Perhaps I am making the situation worse, but felt I needed to respond to all the hate.

  • Keith Cash


    I like Searchles. I will try dumbfounder next.

  • Ellis

    dumbfind is not bad. Very interesting.

    What will the two combined be called??

  • dumbfounder

    thanks guys

    We don’t have any concrete plans to change either of the names at this point. You will start to see cross-pollination of features like searching the web on searchles, and tags from searchles showing up on Dumbfind in the next few months.

    (fyi, it used to say that we were integrating with Pligg in the “roundup” which is why I posted the clarification above)

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