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By - July 18, 2006

Great net neutrality debate

Yesterday’s conversation between Vint Cerf and David Farber on “What is Net Neutrality?” is available via podcast from the Center for American Progress: feed (mp3).


If American Idol is any indication, there’s a ripe market to serve the hopes of aspiring stars as well as their entertainment to a wide audience. Launched today, Bix hopes to answer with a platform to run home-grown talent contests in video, music, and other media.

The farthest hub from hip

Meet Wal-Mart’s miserable attempt to create a hip social video site: The Hub. Think MySpace stripped of content, striped with pending approval notices on what content is left, and emails sent to parents of teens who register.

Rank comparison

Fortune completes the first phase of research analyzing the comparative ranking methods of the Google, Yahoo!, and MSN engines. Amid differences, the three giant engines in common use the quality of incoming links as the most important off-page contribution to search ranking, and the quantity of those links as the least.

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7 thoughts on “round up

  1. Sophia says:

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  2. Sounds like the Fortune Interactive Study showed it’s very hard to get top rankings in all three major engines for the same exact pages because of the difference in how backlinks are evaluated.


    Maybe we could rename this the “Melanie & Search Engines Web Round Up” :LOL

  4. Trogdor says:

    (re: The Hub)

    I like the list of what people don’t like about Wal-Mart. It’s pretty damn accurate, even in good areas of town. Waitaminute … ya ever notice that once Wal-Mart moves in, it’s not exactly a good area of town anymore?

    It’s just amazing, though. WM makes a MySpace wannabe, but sets it up so that it’s all promoting WM heavily, and expects kids to join up and socialize, and the initial examples are paid actors portraying teens using the site … is it just me, or are (some) marketing people completely delusional?

    It reminds me of nothing so much as Chris Anderson’s blog The Long Tail. A recent post discusses the types of “hits” there are out there (‘top-down’ ones are expected, great hits; ‘synthetic’ ones are movies/etc that are marketed to an inch of their life, and people go practically knowing it’ll be crap; ‘bottom-up’ hits are ones that weren’t expected to do well, but through word of mouth, did).

    Overabundance of marketing hype led to the 2nd type, and thanks to the way the landscape is changing, this type is a dying breed.

  5. dumbfounder says:

    That walmart site is hilarious.

  6. Redclaw says:

    /agree on that walmart site. high-lar-ious. I don’t myspace myself, but my wife does, and the walmart site is bugly and as fake as the fake addidas shoes they sell.

  7. M G says:

    Looks like the walmart site is geared for 10-12 year olds on there website. We laugh now but walmart can make the site a force it it wants to.