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By - July 25, 2006

Picture 2-15G-Maps mobile traffic tracker

Google Maps adds a mobile traffic tracker, as well as allowing users to save routes. Currently only for mobile users (in 30 metro areas, on 100 types of devices), plans are in the works to expand services to online users.

Digg Labs

Digg Labs goes live, unveiling new infosthetic (data visualization) tools: Swarm and Stack—previewed earlier, in the version 3 launch.

Giants don’t do ‘niche’

A great post on BuzzMachine talks about the need for specialized search, and why that means the burgeoning Google is not invincible.”


An interview with microformat thought leaders, Tantek Çelik and Rohit Khare, at Wharton.

Picture 3-6Diigo

An addition to the social bookmarking bandwagon.
Diigo‘s standout feature is that its a sticky-note and highlighter apps. run as an overlay, in situ on webpages.

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2 thoughts on “round up

  1. SorenG says:

    Just tried out Digg Labs. Kind of neat, and no doubt those who created the tools had fun, but I for one do not see Swarm and Stack getting used much.

  2. says:

    Hi John,
    I use Diigo as a kind of information-management tool, and I see it’s great novelty in keeping the connection between the information and its source.
    It’s indeed the only tool available that lets me interact with the source itself – highlight text, add my notes on specific highlights, comment on the whole page, tag it for later, and share it with others.

    I also like it’s search and viewing capabilities.

    About the social aspect –
    I notice that some people, while not great writers themselves, are very good in picking out the highlights from any given text and tagging it. You can easily notice that at delicious, digg and clipmarks.

    On a wider perspective, imagine that top thinkers, scientists and other inspirational people start to use Diigo, and share some of their
    I know I for one would like to follow what Noam Chomski and Kevin Kelly are reading and finding worthy.