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Re-Aggregating: What I Missed Last Week

By - July 26, 2006

You probably hate these posts? Why doesn’t Battelle just use Delicious, for goodness sakes? I dunno, call me old school, but here are stories I find noteworthy that happened while I was away last week on vacation:

Microsoft says folks can use Google in Vista.

Google moves the ball on “invalid click” tracking – a report out of the Lanes click fraud case says Google is taking reasonable steps to control it.

Google killed its earnings again, Yahoo had less than happy news (delays on YPN, for starters). MSN, meanwhile, reports revenues are down. But Google’s stock didn’t pop. Some folks say the reason is increasing costs. Fred says buy YHOO.

Hitwise breaks down Google properties.

YouTube hits 100mm a day (I hope to have a new post on YT soon, pending response from them about this post, which I can understand they didn’t take kindly to).

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2 thoughts on “Re-Aggregating: What I Missed Last Week

  1. Kenny says:

    Re: ‘delays on YPN, for starters’

    As far as I understood it, the announced delay was to Project Panama, which is different from, but obviously related to, YPN. Panama is essentially the upgrade and transfer of the creaky Overture system to a shiny new Yahoo! Adowords competitor, is it not?

    Yahoo! has never announced when YPN will come out of beta, at least not since the beta first launched when, if memory serves, Yahoo! said it would launch by the end of 2005…

  2. John says:

    Right you are Kenny.