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By - July 10, 2006

Publisher’s Clearing House has acquired Blingo (site). Shoulda seen THAT ONE coming. PCH was the main salve for the magazine industry in the 80s and 90s – it was basically a sweepstakes that drove shitloads of magazine subscriptions. Folks usually subscribed to the magazines because they thought it’d increase their chances of winning the big prize. But in the late 90s the magazine auditors cracked down on PCH, and it really hurt the business. They lost their main customer and had to diversify. Well, here’s the answer – giving stuff away when you search. Hey, it probably makes ’em money…

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2 thoughts on “Oy.

  1. Keith Cash says:

    Another, buy this and get rich quick. There is one born every minute. I could not tell you how many magazines I bought during the 80’s. Never one anything.

    Hope this does not happen to anyone.

    Nothing is free you must earn it.

  2. Brandon Byers says:

    Yes, I really had to wonder when I noted that if I subscribed to *more* magazines my chances would go up. Hmph. One born every minute, indeed.

    Plus, when you run into the subscribe-vs-read issue (people read ~ 1/3 of what they subscribe to), hate to be wasting money on that. I’m quite thankful the ‘net has brought us past this. If I want to see something specific in some magazine, I can often find it, without paying money (though it’s still not free: there are ads, which’s fine with me).