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More GDrive Tantalizers

By - July 10, 2006


Philipp finds yet more evidence of a Google personal computing environment, hard drive and all, and he finds it connected to Writely, the online word processor Google picked up a while back.

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4 thoughts on “More GDrive Tantalizers

  1. I can’t wait for GDrive to come out – I’m so tiard of fighting with XDrive and AOL (who I also happens to be my internet provider).

    I can’t tell you how bad Xdrive has gotten – it’s horrible – and got even worse since AOL took it over. I’ll be happy to look at AdWords ads all day long in exchange for something that is free, fast and works. Posted at

  2. Rajiv Vyas says:

    It works on Linux as well!! Can’t wait. This will make an OS completely redundant. At least for those who have been looking to switch to Ubuntu or Mac but did not do it because they were tied down because they used Windows. Now use OO at home and save the file as in RTF format or better still, use Writely or Google Spreadsheet. The bottomline is, it does not matter what OS you use, everything is moving to servers and online.

  3. Writely or Google has just taken the G-Drive Page Down as of a short while ago. Publicity was just too much.

    Interesting that the entire story began with just one blog post 20 hours ago. Received Immediate Media Publicity on well connected sites(just do a Google News Search for Platypus) …..and got on Digg Homepage Twice. – ALL WITHIN LESS THAN ONE DAY

  4. Sam says:

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