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It's Hard to Sue China….

By - July 04, 2006

…for copyright infringement. But it’s easier to sue Yahoo China, or Baidu, and anyone else who might be there and straddling the rather uncomfortable breach between Western copyright law and Chinese…well….exuberance. You go, music industry. Go go go. Sheesh.

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  • Search Engines WE

    Yahoo China includes the Lyrics as well as links to the music and the ability to save to My Yahoo

    It was great fun to use – you do not need to understand the language because the songs can be searched for in English or any other language

    But again, they are providing the links – so it is an interesting case. New Sweeping Case laws will probably result form this litigation

  • Ellis

    This is a good topic for forth of July, being independence day an all. We enjoy freedom of speech which is not allowed in other parts of the world.

    God Bless America

  • Gerald Buckley

    The above is for illustrative purposes only and shows just how hard it’s going to be for the labels to contain this deal. The smoke’s out of the bottle.

  • Keith Cash

    Smoke out of the bottle. Where’s Jeannie?

  • New Median

    So are they just suing for China to censor MORE?

  • China Law Blog

    Note that this lawsuit is taking place in China, not the U.S. so any “precedent” established will be in China, not here.