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By - July 19, 2006

Picture 2-11It’s probably a good sign when the first response to a new service is, Why hasn’t this happened before? (uncapitalized) users contribute posts on shopping deals they find and community votes determine the importance of a bargain, bringing it to the front page.

It’s self-billed as a combination of Digg and, for which one of the DP co-founders also serves as President. From the press release: “… is the first and only [community shopping] site [that] combines social bookmarking, user level, and non-editorial control over the posted content.

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15 thoughts on “

  1. SorenG says:

    I would have to agree — great idea, and an easy nice look. Seems it would be chalenged though with the time factor — some sales only last for a week or so, so by the time people see it, it is over. I wonder how they deal with this. I guess I better check out the site more,

  2. Kevin says:

    Digg already has a tech deals section, so the idea is not new, only the dedication.

  3. Arieanna says:

    I love it! I think the speed at which things are Dugg shows that time is not really a factor in spreading something that is “hot” including a “hot deal”.

    It will need the same level of community to submit and promote hot deals to make it work.

    Plus, that baby has gotta get some RSS feeds. I would love to see a filtered feed option too: all deals in X category or all deals in X category that have greater than X ‘diggs’

  4. MikeM says:

    What a great concept.

  5. love it! I think the speed at which things are Dugg shows that time is not really a factor in spreading something that is “hot” including a “hot deal”.

  6. RichB says:

    Users submit deals
    Users vote on deals
    Users tag deals

    ie isn’t that original. Like most “web 2.0” things, they probably have the most contacts in the valley – hence getting the most prominence amongst the so-called technorati.

  7. Joel says:

    Check out the Shoutblog post on versus dealplumber. It’s a funny post too!

  8. Paul says:

    Thanks for the mention RichB! Found this in a google search 😉 Feels good to say we beat the Americans to the punch for once! I think deals are an obvious extension of the “Digg” phenomenon and the popularity of HUKD shows this to be true.

    As for RSS well we’ve beaten the Americans to that too it seems as we have customisable RSS feeds on HUKD where users can choose a live feed containing x merchant, x category, x tags and x temperature (rating).

  9. Jin says:

    there is a similar site:

  10. Mike says:

    It is also similar to deals website

  11. cc says:

    The hardest part of designing these sites is to keep it simple yet useful. Uploading a new deal is the real bottleneck for these types of sites. It shouldn’t take more than 1.5mins to upload a deal. We plan to make it even easier and faster…

    You should check out this new site from the UK.

  12. ben says:

    Yeah its pretty cool. I really like the new social shopping network called…Its like but much easier to use I think. Just register..login and post away.
    I have made commisions by posting my affiliate links for url when I post too.

  13. yalis says:

    I just came accross a new site – . This site is a combination of and It gives you cash back when you click on any hot deals on the website and make a purchase. It seems it also gives you some cash back when you post a hot deal and other people make purchase throug it. I like this new concept – I always hopes to earn some cash back when I do online shopping. I just tried by ordering my Dish Network tv package. The promised $55 cash back was shown on my account two days later. But it was still in pending status which it is said that I have to wait for 60 days to get it. I will update this post if I can get the cash back.

  14. nebby says:

    Yes I also think saleshout is very easy to use myself. I just registered today. I think I might try to sign up and put affiliate links there?

  15. Bargainsland says:

    I am just wondering if users get any money from the sales generated on the website?who keep the profits, the webmasters?