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Dabbling in Video

By - July 24, 2006

Picture 2-14Dabble video search launches today. It accesses over 240 video hosting sites, including small independent sites alongside YouTube, Revver,, Google Video, etc.

Its 120 partnerships (and growing) are more necessary in video search because active, direct collaboration is necessary where spidering is blocked. In the long run, this may help Dabble position itself as an axis for video content.

Dabble is working to systemize the varied permission methodologies of hosts to create their video database. Mary Hodder, CEO says, they’re working on creating RSS feed standards with several sites, including Photobucket, as well on mirrorplay, a tag-sharing standard built on xFolk, with, mefeedia, and others.

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3 thoughts on “Dabbling in Video

  1. uLinkx Team says:


    We have lauched similar kind of service (uLinkx) back in May. Besides providing user to collect videos from Google, YouTube, Yahoo etc., We also provide them functionality to collect online music. Currently, we support only few video site for automatic bookmarking (Of course you can add manual bookmark for any site), but soon we plan to add few more popular sites.

    On uLinkx, you can search videos from Google, Yahoo, Youtube without leaving the uLinkx site. It will present the search result in easy to add format. This feature is missing in dabble.

    Please checkout

    Good to see dabble comes out with competing service.

    uLinkx Team

  2. Chuck says:

    (psst – it’s Mary Hodder.)

  3. dan levine says:

    Does anyone have any links or more info on mirrorplay?