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About Time, And Congrats, Wired

By - July 12, 2006

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When I left Wired in 1997, the company was in the midst of a very complicated financial transaction, the end of which was the splitting of Wired magazine from Wired Digital and Wired News. From that point on, the magazine was hobbled by not having its own domain, nor control of its own digital destiny. Now that oddity has been rectified, finally. I very much hope Conde Nast plans to let the newly reunited Wired brand sprout online wings and truly fly. Congrats, Wired! (image via Chris Anderson’s site)

And by the way, Chris’s book The Long Tail is #4 on Amazon today. His book launched this week, to great reviews, and I am so pleased for him. And check out what Amazon thinks is a good match:


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3 thoughts on “About Time, And Congrats, Wired

  1. It must be really frustrating to co-create something, then leave it as it is entering a new frontier –

    ….just imagine Wired having become the FIRST bandwagon for the new WEB 2.0 Revolution and services…

    ….or even becoming the first Digg-like online magazine

  2. Even a blind man should be able to extract synergy and goodwill value from this acquisition – without the need for restructuring