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privacy protection in search

By - July 28, 2006

If you have a healthy paranoia about one (or any) search engine caching every detail (date/time/IP/terms) of your search history, ixquick may have the answer. Icquick acts as an unretentive buffer to search with eleven top engines. Particularly interesting given the government’s repeated irreverence for constitutional privacy protections, much less respect for well-maintained corporate safeguards.

Ixquick’s Meta Search feature enables the user to simultaneously search 11 of the best search engines. However, Ixquick does not share the user’s personal data with these individual search engines in any circumstances. In addition, as of this week, Ixquick will delete the users’ IP addresses and ‘unique user IDs’ from its own ‘Log Files’.

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3 thoughts on “privacy protection in search

  1. phaithful says:

    I love using ixQuick…. been using it for some time now. I also find it brings back very relevant results.

  2. K.L. says:

    Just a quick note: you call the search engine “icquick” in your post, while it’s actually Ixquick.

    The hyperlink is correct, though.

  3. John says:

    How doeas this work such engines? They use and parse Google results etc. but how they cad do it? They pay to Google? Or simply send the question and use result for parsing free?