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Who Do You Want to See Interviewed on Searchblog?

By - June 12, 2006

Melanie and I are ready to start up the Searchblog interview series again. So far, I’ve talked to Jim Lanzone, Gary Flake, and am mid interview with a couple of other folks (including Marissa Mayer from Google.) But who do you guys want to hear from? I’ll do my best to get them to talk!

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25 thoughts on “Who Do You Want to See Interviewed on Searchblog?

  1. Simon Chen says:

    Hi John and Melanie, I’d love to see an interview with Bill Gross. Cheers Simon Chen (Australia)

  2. jesus houston says:

    How about someone from the trenches of the Adsense team?

  3. Tim Converse says:

    Andrei Broder, Peter Norvig, Doug Cutting, Jan Pedersen, Matt Cutts, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Adam Rifkin, Danny Sullivan, Prabhakar Raghavan, Andrew Tomkins, Joyce Park, Louis Monier, Caterina Fake, Barney Pell, Eric Baldeschwieler, Tim Bray, Raymie Stata, Jeff Weiner, Marc Najork, Brian Davison, Ian Witten, Gord Hotchkiss, Hinrich Schutze, Matt Wells, Matt Mullenweg, Graham Spencer, Jack Ma, Eric Brewer. (OK, it’s a bit Y!-centric, and there’s a conflict of interest or two maybe.)

  4. Bill Gross from Snap would be fine.

  5. joel richman says:

    Tony Phillipp of UpSNAP on mobile search and the potential of pay-per-call ads.

  6. leafar says:

    every people you judge right !
    Let’s free the speech.
    good stuff as always. “It’s just another brick …”

  7. Tejaswi says:

    I heard that Raghu Ramakrishnan from Wisc-Mad is joining Y!. An interview from him regarding the exodus of academia to the Google, Live, and Y! would be cool.

  8. Edwin says:

    My 1, 2, 3 – Bill Gross, Bill Gross, Bill Gross. thx edwin

  9. MikeM says:

    Ross Levinsohn of FIM. He is currently negotiating with several search companies to fill the needs of the Murdoch empire.
    I do like to read Bill Gross interviews.

  10. Dave says:

    another vote for Bill Gross.

    maybe also Gary Price from Ask… he’s always got a ton of interesting stuff to talk about.

    in startup space, perhaps Craig Donato at Oodle — another guy that always has thoughtful stuff to say.

  11. Tim Converse 🙂

  12. Omar says:

    Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, others who deal with the day-to-day mechanics of search simply because it is a nice counterpoint to the visionaries. Also media search pioneers (video, sound) as this could be big and slowly start taking us away from text.

  13. Roman says:

    Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu, the authors of “Who Controls the Internet?” Could be a great discussion in view of the ongoing net neutrality debate.

  14. Rebecca P says:

    Someone from eBay regarding their recent entry into contextual advertsing. What they feel the outlook is for eBay in an “open ad bidding/exchange” environment.

  15. maureen purcell says:

    David Hayden. This guy is up tro something and always makes for an interesting interview.

  16. –> Page & Brin TOGETHER

    –> Tim Berners Lee – (Web vrs Web 2.0)

    –> Cerf & Khan – TOGETHER

    –> The inventors of the FIRST THREE SEARCH ENGINES

    –> The inventors of GOPHER

    –> Yang & Filo TOGETHER

    –> Group interview with the Owners of the 10 sites on the first page of Google SERP for the term SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

    –> Founders of Digg & Slashdot TOGETHER

    –> Miss Universe & Miss World 2006


  17. Alan Doyle says:

    Hasan Diwan — — plenty of thoughts on everything, but mainly related to search and how to make it better, scalability, etc. he doesn’t write most of it up, but he does come across well in person.

  18. I think you should do a name-withheld interview of someone who’s engaged in massive click fraud and/or driving traffic from $0.05 CPC AdWords campaigns to $1 Overture feed pages. I don’t know who those people are, but if you could find one it’d make for a great interview. Click fraud exposed.

  19. anonymous says:

    Rob Pike,

  20. Niklas Zennström, with the revenue stream he’s (sort of) in control of via the eBay acq. he’s sure to have some nifty ideas how to benefit from what’s next in the confluence of eBay/PayPal/Skype/[to be announced later}… plus, he’s not exactly charming IRL (met him all of 10 min in Sweden) so spruce up his Englisch but let the man talk.-…

    JL in Stockholm at Bloomberg

  21. Aryan says:

    Gary Price from MSN Premium

  22. Ed Daniel says:

    Michael Jubb of the Research Information Network (

  23. Mukul Joshi says:

    Steve Lawrence, Monika Henzinger, Prabhakar Raghavan

  24. Franz says:

    May I add Brewster Kahle, from the Internet Archive, and former Alexa?