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Test the Jelly

By - June 26, 2006

Jellyfish launched its beta today. The model is to get advertisers to bid directly for the attention of the customer by paying them…eliminating the middleman.

Infoweek coverage.

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5 thoughts on “Test the Jelly

  1. Jason Murphy says:

    Hmm, doesn’t seem much different than what those other frequent flier programs do:, the oldschool,, (not their current model, talking pre-bubble here),,, etc. This is an old model, but then again: “Everything old, will be new again”.

  2. Michael Fenne says:

    Pretty nice little site but these guys are clueless if they think the advertisers are going to let them do this for long (use affiliate deals to spiff consumers and undercut the direct prices). All the big stores will cancel them.

  3. Michael says:

    I’m actually pretty impressed with some of the advanced tools used by JellyFish. I agree with the previous post that the Jellyfish “affiliate” model is a lot like ebates, cashbaq and other cashback, affiliate websites. They suggest there are about 5 million products in their database, but from spending time on jellyfish and getting about 60% “no products found” I suspect there are closer to 100,000 in the database. All-in-all the site is nice and the advanced features are impressive; however, the user experience wasn’t that great and overall it needs some work. At this point I prefer shopwiki and

  4. Billiger says:

    I am also pretty much impressed about the tools. I am waiting for an site like this for germany

  5. Mystic Liquid says:

    JellyFish sounds like a great new company.