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Talk of the Blogosphere: Google's AJAX Search Widget

By - June 08, 2006

(via Melanie, admittedly belated)

Last week Google unveiled Ajax Search API (Beta)–its experimental dynamic search module that blogs and websites can place can use to place complimentary content to their sites while their readers can access/clip content (samples). Optional search categories are parsed into local, video, web and blogs; while users can manipulate the look and layout of the beta widget (demo). Google is actively pressing for constructive feedback from developers with the accompanying Ajax Search blog. Since it was released last week, a few responses from around the blogosphere:

O’Reilly: For Google this is about distribution and getting on more websites. By making a rich UX accessible for little work they will get even more people willing to put their results on their pages. Assuming they add advertising (which is mentioned as an “if” in the FAQ) then the uptake will definitely increase – especially if site-owners are able to share in the AdSense revenue (it’s not surprising to note that the AdSense question was the first one asked in Developer’s Group).

SEL: This is a good move for Google – they’ve apparently learned their lesson from the Google Maps API. Let the development community figure out what you’re good for 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Talk of the Blogosphere: Google's AJAX Search Widget

  1. Did you see google’s new home page, click on the guy playing soccer. They have an RSS on the customize homepage that posts World Cup scores. Google the publisher, sheesh! Come up with something orginal.

  2. Can’t Google also provide people with the search queries that happen on the sites where they place use Google AJAX API?

    I mean, if your going to use Google to provide search of your own site – you should be able to view the query log and the number of searches that happen on your site?

  3. cameraszone says:

    it’s so hot about ajax recently, so do it with google,but I do not think ajax is suitable for any kinds of site!