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Premium Google Videos free in trial sponsorship

By - June 22, 2006

Google is currently offering premium videos free as a pilot for content sponsorship. Only a small number of advertisers and media publishers are participating in this limited trial. The ads run at the end of the videos and Google says user-generated content will remain ad-free.Picture 3-2

How it works (from Google):

1. Advertisers select and bid to sponsor individual videos.

2. The winning bidders for each video are promoted in three ways:

– The ability to run a 15-30 second post-roll video ad

– Persistent branding while the video is playing through a text and icon above the video player

– A listing on the sponsored videos page

3. If a user navigates to one of the sponsored videos, we only show the in-stream video ad once the video has finished playing. If the user clicks the text, logo or visible URL above the video window, they will be taken to the advertiser’s site.

4. At the conclusion of the campaign, the advertiser will receive stats on the performance of his/her campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Premium Google Videos free in trial sponsorship

  1. kim says:

    I have always enjoyed the Google video service I really like the top 100 videos, I wonder if they plan to offer any movies for free, I think it would be great if we could watch new movies over Google instead of having ot go to the theater.

  2. M C says:

    Google has a good service, Kim you have a good idea about the view new movies. That would be something.