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Melanie's Round Up

By - June 23, 2006

Stall on net neutrality vote

The Sentate delays its vote on the telecom bill affecting net neutrality, until at least Tuesday.

Tim “inventor of the internet” Berners-Lee posted a video on his blog saying, “When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission… Freedom of connection, with any application, to any party, is the fundamental social basis of the Internet, and, now, the society based on it.”

Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo launches mobile web access to mail, IM, and contacts.

GeoportailFrench satellite maps

The French government unveils, a site with detailed satellite imagery of the country that it says has better resolution than Google Maps. (via Reuters) Same as Resource Shelf’s complaint however, the page didn’t load on my try.

Internet Archive, Alexandria v.2

CNet takes a close-up look at Brewster Kahle and the ambitious work at the Internet Archive “to build, make freely accessible and preserve what he calls–in reference to the legendary lost library of the ancient world–the “Library of Alexandria, v.2.”

Resource Shelf expands on the article, noting the only thing missing is a mention of the Archive-It program, which allows institutions to create their own web archives.

A long talk with Snap

Search Engine Lowdown posts an in depth interview with Snap CEO, Tom McGovern and COO, Fre Walti.

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11 thoughts on “Melanie's Round Up

  1. For about a year – the Archive had a beta project named * RECALL *

    One could get search engine like SERPs for any query during any archived time period

    It was fun and useful – then, suddenly, it disappeared????????

  2. Melanie,
    Thanks for doing such a terrific job on the round-ups — and for the link to Geoportail. I was looking forward to see how the French had beaten Google Earth at its own game, in anticipation of the French search engine that surely will fly as well as Airbus. Unfortunately, Geoportail is unavailable. Why? I’ll leave it to the Google translation of the site apology ( to explain:

    “You are incredibly numerous to connect you to GĂ©oportail, gate of the territories and the citizens since his setting on line. We recorded several million connections in a few hours. Because of this multitude, the site is currently saturated. Our teams put all works about it to allow you to reach it again under satisfactory conditions of navigation and thank you for the interest which you carry to this innovative interdepartmental site.”

    Vive la France.

  3. Ellis says:

    Tim “inventor of the internet” Berners-Lee

    Freedom is never free, it seems blood must spill to maintain freedom.

    Also why does everything have to be taxed.

  4. Keith Cash says:

    I tried the french gov website. would not work for me eithers.

    Cheers to Ellis, I believe he is on the mark

  5. KK says:

    It seems odd that Google cannot find the web site when you type or in the google tool bar…. U think they are blocking amazon on purpose…

  6. SorenG says:

    Yeah, just tried it. Very odd. I got: “Sorry, no information is available for the URL”

    Can they do this?

  7. SorenG says:

    Also, try a search for They seem to get that just fine, with the only result: yeaap,

    Is there a search engine watch group that tracks and watches this?

  8. SorenG says:

    OK, just submitted it to Digg: Please digg it here:

  9. Melanie says:

    @ SorenG: saw your digg and tried it. seems likely it’s a server error, as the url for G’s other major competitors are searchable.

    And if you search for alone it does return results. strange but true.

  10. Lyononline says:


    I have just realized a bench concerning Google Earth and Geoportail. Some pictures will help you to see the new french service compare with Google Earth.

    Here is the link

    Have fun 🙂
    PS: (if you want me to translate some sentences, don’t hesitate to ask. See ya

  11. Mansoor Basha says:

    Tried Snap and loved it. Interestingly, I preferred many of the components of Snap. So, guess what I did – I replaced the Google search bar on Firefox with Snap!!! yes I know.. can’t believe in 2 to 3 years of being a Googler, I showed my true colours, I have no affinity for search engines and I CRAWL search engines. Makes me one less GOOGLER!