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Melanie's Friday Roundup (On Sat!)

By - June 10, 2006

Synch Firefox Toolbar between browsers

Google adds a Firefox toolbar synch tool between browsers, announced on the Google blog.

The Fragmentation of Search

Fred argues that the the drop-down search engine menu (in Firefox and now IE) belies a future where specialized search tools dominate.

Top Searches at

The CIA publishes a monthly zeitgeist list of top 25 search phrases on their website, in compliance with the Freedom of Information act. (via Matt Haughey on MetaFilter.)

Is the Google empire spread thin?

Sparked by mixed reactions on Google’s SpreadSheets, GigaOm opens a poll on whether Google users think Google is wasting its genius capital or distributing it well. Also, he asks “Should Hollywood fear Google?”

Competing interests

Hoover, a business intelligence company, publishes the list of the top 100 companies searched for on their website. (thanks to Gary Price )

Google Lobbying

Woefully underdressed” or not, Google’s serious about its lobbying efforts in the beltway.

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3 thoughts on “Melanie's Friday Roundup (On Sat!)

  1. EBAY Begins Own ADWords/ Overture PPC Model

    In coming months, the program, dubbed eBay AdContext, will allow Web sites to embed simple snippets of code that can then automatically act to showcase items for sale on eBay’s site, eBay officials said.

  2. Wierd, but amusing how of the top 25 search phrases at the CIA site, the number 2 search term is “ufo”. I guess Area 57 is still something some people are curious about and how (does the CIA know something we don’t?).

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