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Eepybird Search

By - June 15, 2006


By now many of you have probably seen the Diet Coke and Mentos video, which is amazing. Hitwise has a great post showing how searches for those terms exploded as the video viraled its way around the web.

An interesting question raised is whether Diet Coke and Mentos, as well as perhaps their competitors, should leverage this notoriety by purchasing related search keywords. I say, absolutely!

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2 thoughts on “Eepybird Search

  1. JR says:

    Check out Jeff Matthews’ blog for his comments on how the folks at Coke apparently feel about this

  2. Brian says:

    Ya, this thing is really blowing up. I haven’t seen too many people trying to catch the craze, like Mentos or Diet Coke. But, it makes me wonder why not! Have a look at this – The Diet Coke Mentos Experiment. Google, You Tube and Eepybird are the only others using this craze to improve their brand image.