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Yahoo Bows New Video Search

By - May 31, 2006

Yahoo Video

Take that, YouTube, Google, MySpace, AOL, and everyone else!

From the release:

Yahoo! Inc….. today introduced Yahoo! Video (, an online video destination that combines the power of Yahoo! Search with new upload, browse and community …

Yahoo! Video allows users to access the most popular and relevant videos on the Internet including The Glomp, Lazy Ramadi and the latest Shakira music video. It brings together content in more ways than any other video Web site by crawling the Web, accepting uploads, receiving direct feeds from partners, and leveraging the Yahoo! Media Group’s unique content and industry relationships. As a leader in online video, Yahoo! already hosts and serves hundreds of millions of music, news, sports, movies, and television videos per month. Now, Yahoo! Video combines these assets with content from across the Web and directly from publishers, enabling users to determine what videos are most important to them:

– Featured, Popular, Category and Tag sections enable users to easily browse for videos.

– Users can subscribe to and watch channels, groups of videos related by source or topic, to stay current on content from their favorite publishers.

– Users can access the largest database of videos on the Web through Yahoo! Search

Additionally, Yahoo! Video enables users and video enthusiasts to participate in an active social community by rating, reviewing and sharing videos.

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11 thoughts on “Yahoo Bows New Video Search

  1. Hashim says:

    great move for Yahoo!

    Their video search was already the best, and now these new hosting features will probably make them number 1.

    I wonder if YouTube was hoping to be brought by them.

  2. peterb says:

    My biggest complaint about yahoo video, even before video search, is that it doesn’t work on a Mac. (Being a big user, that’s a pretty big issue). It’s interesting to me to note, of those competitors that you mention that I’m aware of, YouTube: Flash Video, Google: Flash Video, MySpace: Flash Video … I wish Yahoo had got the route of ubiquity and used flash video. They’re certainly using flash elsewhere (

  3. dansroka says:

    Yes, Yahoo! has always dragged its feet on supporting the Mac. Which is odd because, well, everyone else does. Ubiquity should be the key.

  4. Devan says:

    The lack of Mac support is disturbing…

  5. Shane says:

    The lack of Mac and Linux support is a clear indication that Google Video will reign over Yahoo in this space.

  6. John says:

    This thing is awful… have you guys even looked at it? They don’t host the videos or even allow you to watch them on the site, they don’t allow an easy way to link to individual videos and they don’t allow visitors to embed the videos on their own sites.

    This thing isn’t even close to giving YouTube, Google Video or the rest a run for their money!

  7. Latest mantra call it any name web 2.0 , web 3.0 and even web infinity. Give user more power let them decide what they want to see, listen and read. Share the contents across the web integrate the relevant service. This should be the plan I say for any succesful company. ( Dont decide on the behalf of users). You can comment on it

  8. Devan says:

    They DO allow you to embed videos in your site, and I just checked, only the videos are only partially Mac-unfriendly (like the ones hosted on Yahoo! Movies). They attempt to load in Flash but I have had trouble in Firefox, not in Safari.

  9. This has a surprisingly good supply considering how relatively new it is, there were a number of quality videos found that were NOT on Youtube, MySpace or Google Video.

    This competition is great – it is similar to Search Engines technology of a few years ago – in the sense that some Sites will have some unique content, and searching them all will probably return the best possible overall results.

    NEXT on the Platter – THE META VIDEO SEARCH ENGINE…just counting the days…. 😉

  10. Mike says:

    It’s nice to see yahoo is still trying not to be behind, hope they’ll add mac support also

  11. Their video search was already the best, and now these new hosting features will probably make them number 1…