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The Future Is Here, Just Unevenly Distributed

By - May 23, 2006

Google’s starting its march into video advertising. For a preview, read my Tivo/Peg Perego scenario

In the coming days, we will be adding click-to-play video ads to the line-up of text, Flash and image ad formats currently supported by the Google content network.

Now, this is the start of something important. It’s not on, yet, but it’s going to be all over AdSense, and I bet in Google image search and other content sites (Finance) quite soon.

PS – With Google wooing MySpace, I’m guessing video ads are a big part of the equation…I think, however, Rupert needs to think hard about whether supporting Google is a good idea. I think Yahoo might sell that space better, and, honestly, MySpace is big enough to go it alone as well…

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8 thoughts on “The Future Is Here, Just Unevenly Distributed

  1. Narendra says:

    I’d be surprised if it went into image search because that ups the ante for damages in any potential copyright infringement cases…

  2. Neil Patel says:

    The biggest problem with video advertising is that it is hard and can be expensive to make the ad. Contextual ads are easier and quicker to make.

  3. Devan says:

    The link is broken: actual link.

  4. Jojo says:

    At least MySpace needs a search partner and that is a good job for Google. If Yahoo isnĀ“t very interested, Google is the only good option. MSN only when they are throwing with money at them.

  5. Igor M. says:

    Hi John,

    Do you think it will be successful? Well… other than for spammers. I wrote a quick post about it on my blog

    I am interested in your take on this.

  6. King Troll says:

    John, thought you might find this interesting. I run multipe apparel stores. Often I am bombarded with checking out multiple vendor lines and trying to stay ahead of everyone. What I mean is clothing and styles change. What is hot one season may falter the next.

    I decided to check out Google trends for various brands names. For example Von Dutch is declining over the long term and the trend is very negative. I will not carry anymore VD again. However I will increase my orders to Ed Hardy and Lacoste now given their trends are very positive.

    Not only can I see what trends are hot, I now have excellent data on what cities to expand in from the local information Google provides. I will avoid NY, and major cities but the 4-10 rankings are very useful.

    This isd an Excellent business tool. I will be advertising locally on Google videos soon as well.

  7. Devan says:

    @King Troll, I would not make business decisions based solely on Google Trends. That data is skewed by market hype, demographics and many other factors. If Apple is searched more than IBM (and IBM’s “trend” is declining), it does not mean that IBM has a less positive future. It only means that Apple has internet mindshare and appeals to precisely the demographic that searches Google.

  8. King Troll says:

    Devan, I understand that, but what I found incredible was when I compared our brand sales figures and trends to the search results, they were very similar. I have real-time data, but google gives and overall broad picture.