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Again, On the Road

By - May 24, 2006

This time I’m in Madison, WI. I’ve never been here before, it’s a nice place. I’ll be back at it Thursday. Melanie will post a roundup today…

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Melanie's Round Up

By - May 23, 2006

Professional ProgramGoogle Enterprise Professional Program

Enterprise gains a host of professional partners contributing additional services, including data recovery, archival search, intranet development, SAP integration and security. Included among the new partners is MetaCarta. Its addition to Enterprise, for example, will allow users in government, energy and enterprises to retrieve from Earth ‘unstructured content’—such as HTML, Word docs, and emails. For $10,000 a pop, professional subscribers gain access to installation, customization and training for enhanced features in Google Search Appliance and Mini.

148745185 De6Ef3Fde1Y! Finance better looking, bloggierYahoofinancewidget

Released in an exclusive beta last week and expected for public tests in June, Yahoo is offering a syndicated stock feed with quotes, news and charts for up to 10 companies to blogs and other websites (MicroPersuasion). Paid Content notes that quotes are delayed 15-20 minutes; and Yahoo is still analyzing how to monetize the tool.

Also, the main Y! finance site also gets a little sleeker.

Grilling Eric Schmidt

Resource Shelf and SEW point out an WSJ/CNBC interview with Eric Schmidt in London (in town for the forward-looking Zeitgeist Conference), asking “whether Google is becoming the next Microsoft.” Apart from remaining queasy with identification as a media portal, the Google CEO answers questions on the future reach of Google (Asia), its ability to keep its widening grasp together (media), and keep its books in order (click fraud). The two part video and audio copies are available from the WSJ: Part one, Part two. launchesPicture 1

Today Move, Inc. launches its online search platform, says it has the largest, most comprehensive search engine for home and rental listings, and scouting reports (on local schools, maps, photos, affordability calculator, etc.). Together with, Move is the exclusive real estate feeder for AOL and MSN, and the preferred referral for Yahoo. Citing research with thousands of users, the press release says, “Consumers said they wanted everything related to their move in one place, including more photos, virtual tours, maps, and information about neighborhoods.” Move hopes to accomplish that by gathering real estate information from sites all over the web.

MySpace choosing its friends carefully

The news from the Financial Times is that MySpace is in talks on integrating search with Google and MSN— “not Yahoo”—“in a move that would confirm the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s internet site as a significant new power online” (via Garrett French at SE Lowdown). The FT writes that the search titans themselves are beginning to gravitate towards the ballooning social sites (like MySpace, Facebook) in the market.

These networking hubs have “threatened to tip the balance of power on the internet away from traditional portals and search engines. Their potential to become the places where many young people spend most of their internet time could make them the “gatekeepers”, or the entry point for online activity. The rise of the social networking sites has already forced the established internet powers to revise their views of how new audiences will emerge on the internet.”

Rough Type predicts that the Google-MSN shoot-out will play like that for AOL last year, where dominant the search engine won the upper hand. With MySpace so far failing to gain PPC ad profits in proportion to its astounding popularity, and Rough Type thinks its hunting for a search engine that can better monetize with keyword-targeted ads.

+Screenshots of Windows Vista

Can’t get enough? Here are some more peaks at PCMag, which is also running a feature on it.

The Future Is Here, Just Unevenly Distributed

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Google’s starting its march into video advertising. For a preview, read my Tivo/Peg Perego scenario

In the coming days, we will be adding click-to-play video ads to the line-up of text, Flash and image ad formats currently supported by the Google content network.

Now, this is the start of something important. It’s not on, yet, but it’s going to be all over AdSense, and I bet in Google image search and other content sites (Finance) quite soon.

PS – With Google wooing MySpace, I’m guessing video ads are a big part of the equation…I think, however, Rupert needs to think hard about whether supporting Google is a good idea. I think Yahoo might sell that space better, and, honestly, MySpace is big enough to go it alone as well…

Veterans Database of Intentions

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Yow! From CNN:

Personal information on 26.5 million veterans was stolen from the home of a data analyst in what appears to have been a random burglary, Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson said Monday.

I Forgot My Password

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File this under “really f’ing irritating.” I have probably 50 or so accounts I use on the web – from WordPress to MT, Wells Fargo to AdSense to AdWords, to lord knows what. And I tend to mix up my passwords a bit. No, well, a lot. And I am forever screwing up and forgetting my passwords. Sometimes I also forget which email address I used as well, so even getting my damn password back is impossible, given that I have like six working emails.

All of this is made worse by Firefox and its ilk, which remembers passwords for you, so you can forget them entirely until, of course, your browser is borked or you’re on a different machine.

Anyway, all this came rushing back to me when I read this post by Xavier at Sun. Seems Meebo users are a lot like me:

Two releases ago, we considered eliminating the “New user?” and “Forgot your password?” links on the front meebo login page. Before doing so, we decided to track how many users clicked on the links. Good thing we didn’t eliminate them – turns out that 11,000+ meebo users depend upon these links daily!

There has got to be a better way.

Who Knows a Great SEO/SEM Consultant?

By - May 21, 2006

I get mail from folks from time to time asking me for help finding just the right SEO/SEM consultant. Often they don’t want to hire an agency, yet, they’re instead looking for an individual who has business experience and marketing smarts, someone whose brain they can pick to help them with very specific goals. I’ve usually sent these folks to one place or another, hoping it worked out. But now, since I’m also starting down the path of being an AdWords advertiser, I also might be looking for someone like this. So I thought, why not ask my readers, who are the smartest folks out there on these issues, who they think might fit the bill. Here’s a typical email, which I got this weekend, from a very senior designer (brand name is taken out…)

As you may know I direct a group of brands, one of which is (very cool, well known brand). We have had considerable success over the last few years on all fronts, yet as you know well, the marketing of brands is constantly shifting with the growing importance of the web.

(Very cool, well known brand) is now embarking on a complete review and plan for its internet strategy, and one component that is needed urgently is great consultancy on its search engine optimization and key word search marketing plans.

Could you recommend who I am our team could work with to develop these plans? I don’t think this is an agency but a person/consultant for whom this work would be a day or so of consultancy, then leading to a more regular (one day a month) consultancy. If this person then leads us to an agency (we have a media agency at present doing regular media) for this piece then that is fine, or even to the hiring inside the company of a person or people around the constant need to be first and best in class in this category.

So, if you have ideas for who might fit this bill, email me, or post in the comments. Thanks!

Melanie Rounds It Up

By - May 20, 2006

Microsoft Live (Search) Desktop

Microsoft announced its version of an integrated-search desktop that can scour the desktop, corporate network and internet. It’s now available to download. “Windows Live Search” is the tentative title, but the product is apparently separate from the other beta by the same name, which is internet-only search. As Geeking with Greg points out, it sounds very similar to Google’s Desktop Search, a imitation Googler VPs told the AP they long expected.

Google Notebook Live

Google Notebook went live in the labs earlier this week. Downloading the Notebook extension places a shortcut tool (displayed in the bottom right of the browser) with which to scrapbook pages, links, and notes. (One can also login and begin playing with the capture and note-taking tools without the extension, but it remains a bit awkward.)

A Faster, Even Viral Google Video

After an inauspicious start (trumped by YouTube), Google Video is changing gears. Users can now feed their videos directly online, eschewing the desktop upload program and editorial submission time-lag. That’s exactly why YouTube ran ahead, and that’s why Google is responding.

And amid the popularity of the promotional DaVinci Code game (but the movie is getting hammered), Google is trying a viral video marketing venture with the new movie The Break-up. In addition to offering previews, Google is hosting a page where users can share digital shorts of their own humorous trips to splitsville. (John here – does this feel…well…dumb to anyone else?)

Java-to-AJAX Toolkit (for Programmers, with Love from Google)

Google releases the Web Toolkit (Beta) free to the public. The toolkit aims to assist in coding dynamic web applications (like Gmail) by allowing programmers to develop AJAX tools in Java. Helping to navigate a myriad of browser eccentricities, the toolkit features include retaining full Java debugging support for ultimately AJAX apps.

Notebook Snooping

ZDnet goes snooping about the Google Notebook source code and finds some tantalizing bits, or rather hanging questions: Integration with Gmail? Third-party add-ons? Options like in Google Page Creator? (Via Lenssen who also points to a Achewood Cartoon on Google.)

StumbleUpon new sites

StumbleUpon, launched new features early last week, lets users wander through new websites recommended from like-minded users. Still in trial mode, Stumble just added photo, video and Wikipedia stumbling to its Firefox extension. Recently moved to San Francisco from Canada, the start-up just completed an angel round of funding with big tech names. Investor Mitch Kapor remarked in the press release, “Search when you know just what you’re looking for, stumble when you don’t.”

Job Trends at Yahoo, Google

Tracked by the Swiss research group UBS: Google job growth is still explosive–new positions composing 27% of its current headcount, compared with 23% last year–while Yahoo’s has flat-lined (from 12% to 8%). More at GigaOm.

A little innovation at the business school

On the online business journal Knowledge@Wharton, Wharton is internally converting search terms into article labels. Terms that result in an article selection automatically become tags in the related articles box and link to all similar articles. (tip from Kurt Oeler)

List of New Search Patents

…Including eight from Microsoft, two from Yahoo, and two from IBM. From Resource Shelf

Small Biz Bloggers Wanted

Jan Jantsesh is looking for bloggers to join the growing channel network at Duct Tape Marketing. See his post for details.

Using The Database For Murder

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Reader JG notes this disturbing incident, an echo of my privacy scenario post.

Michael Michalski worked for Allegheny County, Pa., as an emergency dispatcher. He began running searches on the internal computer network and databases to locate his former girlfriend…A supervisor… became aware of Michalski’s misuse of government databases and placed him on a deferred suspension….Because he still had access to the databases before his suspension began, Michalski continued to gain unauthorized access to personal information about Phillips….Then, while on suspension, Michalski phoned his co-workers at the call center, who allegedly helped him continue the database lookups even though they were aware it was for an illicit purpose.

On Oct. 29… the supervisor met with Michalski and confronted him…Later that day, Michalski shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Ferderbar, and her new boyfriend, Phillips, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

Web 2 Conference, Version 3.0 Is Open For Registration

By - May 18, 2006

Logo And Date

Searchblog readers pretty much made Web 2.0 what it is, at least for me….you came and supported the ideas, speakers, and companies, and you joined a conversation that I find one of most stimulating in the industry.

This year promises to be our best yet, and I know that sounds, well, predictable. But so many forces are coming together, and there’s so much to talk about, it can’t help but be one hell of a dialog.

Today the site is open for registration. If you’ve been before, or were on the original invite list from last year, you’ve already gotten your invite. If you didn’t get one, or have changed your email, or just want to come for the first time, head here and request an invite, and tell them you came from Searchblog when you do (there’s a place to do that).

In the next few months I’ll be asking all of you for input on speakers, topics, and Launchpad companies (submit yours here!), just as I did last year. So far, we’ve signed up a pretty good group of initial speakers, including Jeff Bezos, Eric Kleptone, Jon Miller, Mark Zuckerberg, Arthur Sulzberger, and many more.