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Melanie's Round Up

By - May 23, 2006

Professional ProgramGoogle Enterprise Professional Program

Enterprise gains a host of professional partners contributing additional services, including data recovery, archival search, intranet development, SAP integration and security. Included among the new partners is MetaCarta. Its addition to Enterprise, for example, will allow users in government, energy and enterprises to retrieve from Earth ‘unstructured content’—such as HTML, Word docs, and emails. For $10,000 a pop, professional subscribers gain access to installation, customization and training for enhanced features in Google Search Appliance and Mini.

148745185 De6Ef3Fde1Y! Finance better looking, bloggierYahoofinancewidget

Released in an exclusive beta last week and expected for public tests in June, Yahoo is offering a syndicated stock feed with quotes, news and charts for up to 10 companies to blogs and other websites (MicroPersuasion). Paid Content notes that quotes are delayed 15-20 minutes; and Yahoo is still analyzing how to monetize the tool.

Also, the main Y! finance site also gets a little sleeker.

Grilling Eric Schmidt

Resource Shelf and SEW point out an WSJ/CNBC interview with Eric Schmidt in London (in town for the forward-looking Zeitgeist Conference), asking “whether Google is becoming the next Microsoft.” Apart from remaining queasy with identification as a media portal, the Google CEO answers questions on the future reach of Google (Asia), its ability to keep its widening grasp together (media), and keep its books in order (click fraud). The two part video and audio copies are available from the WSJ: Part one, Part two. launchesPicture 1

Today Move, Inc. launches its online search platform, says it has the largest, most comprehensive search engine for home and rental listings, and scouting reports (on local schools, maps, photos, affordability calculator, etc.). Together with, Move is the exclusive real estate feeder for AOL and MSN, and the preferred referral for Yahoo. Citing research with thousands of users, the press release says, “Consumers said they wanted everything related to their move in one place, including more photos, virtual tours, maps, and information about neighborhoods.” Move hopes to accomplish that by gathering real estate information from sites all over the web.

MySpace choosing its friends carefully

The news from the Financial Times is that MySpace is in talks on integrating search with Google and MSN— “not Yahoo”—“in a move that would confirm the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s internet site as a significant new power online” (via Garrett French at SE Lowdown). The FT writes that the search titans themselves are beginning to gravitate towards the ballooning social sites (like MySpace, Facebook) in the market.

These networking hubs have “threatened to tip the balance of power on the internet away from traditional portals and search engines. Their potential to become the places where many young people spend most of their internet time could make them the “gatekeepers”, or the entry point for online activity. The rise of the social networking sites has already forced the established internet powers to revise their views of how new audiences will emerge on the internet.”

Rough Type predicts that the Google-MSN shoot-out will play like that for AOL last year, where dominant the search engine won the upper hand. With MySpace so far failing to gain PPC ad profits in proportion to its astounding popularity, and Rough Type thinks its hunting for a search engine that can better monetize with keyword-targeted ads.

+Screenshots of Windows Vista

Can’t get enough? Here are some more peaks at PCMag, which is also running a feature on it.

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6 thoughts on “Melanie's Round Up

  1. JG says:

    Re: The Enterprise Professional Program — In a meeting where Google announced some of these partnerships, the Google VP making the announcement conceded that partnerships of this sort are, frankly, not in Google’s DNA, and that Google is having a bit of a time adjusting itself to having to play with others.

    Frankly, I still don’t understand why Google didn’t start developing all this stuff in-house years ago. The work being done by companies like Inxight and Janya have so much more to do, in my opinion, with “organizing the world’s information” than email and calendars and horoscopes.

    When is Google going to bring these external partners’ technology to the task of helping me organize and understand the web, for example?

  2. Edwin says:

    Hey John, (Love da book!) you should be differentiating between Windows Live and Vista you post talks about 1 but points to screenshots of, and articles about, the other. Edwin

  3. Brandon Byers says:

    (Vista screenshots)

    I note that Windows Media Player 11 shows the option of “choosing an online music store”, but it only lists one place, MTV’s Urge (with which WMP 11 has a ‘special’ relationship vis-a-vis DRM). That’s illuminating to me, that it shows Urge as though it’s the only online store out there. Even moreso considering Urge is so new, unlike iTunes.

    I note that there are many “pretty” enhancements and features (such as the live thumbnail of a program and the 3D rolodex) that’ll likely suck up a lot of machine horsepower to handle. As well as items like tabbed browsing and desktop gadgets, which’ve been available elsewhere for years (on my dinosaur of a Apple PowerBook G3, I used Konfabulator and its widgets 2-3 years ago).

    On the other hand, it does appear that security is taken more seriously (or, at least, that M$ has taken steps in the right direction).

  4. miko says:

    RE: MOVE….looks just like the old rentnet with a new homepage and a few nifty AJAX-like features. Its still super-slow and the search results (for aparment listings at least) seem to be pay-for-placement.

    The site still stinks of catering to the housing industry, not consumers. Who do they think they’re fooling?

    Talk about GRILLING Page & Schmidt – you will be riveted!
    ….here is the Video about 1/2 hour….

  6. Pradeep Nagar says:

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