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By - May 27, 2006


Now, you know you’re old and, well, not very hip when you LOOK FORWARD to a long weekend because it will let you GET YOUR FILING DONE. And you spend Saturday night …. filing paper. But that’s exactly my situation.

Regardless of our digital lives, I have a bi-annual ritual going where I file all the paper that comes across my desk at home – all the insurance forms, the household bills, the little league rules….

Tonight I stared down a full box of paper that needed to be filed, and…I am stoked: I conquered the mess. I’ve now got neatly ordered file folders, which I’m sure I’ll ignore for the next seven or so years of my life, then toss out.

The thickest files I’ve created in the first half of 2006? My “Medical Expenses” file (do the insurance companies do anything but create paper?) and my “School Board” file (I’m on my kids school board). Health and education – it kind of makes sense.

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5 thoughts on “Filing

  1. I can relate. It is always such a relief, and a good feeling after you clean up the “mountain” of papers.

  2. Wendy says:

    Well, count me in the ranks of unhip and uncool, because I spent MY weekend folding socks and napping. Let the good times roll, huh?

  3. Jim Gilliam says:

    At my office, we have a gigantic copier machine that also happens to scan documents in bulk and email them as PDFs. I’ve used that to make PDFs of my old medical records. Very slick.

  4. King Troll says:

    Im 26 and I no longer have a life and I file papers for my Online business, my stores, and personal papers. Just bought a document scanner qith a quick feed – Fujitsu Scan Snap and will be toossing out all documents soon. Never again will I use paper and horde it. This will get my life back.

  5. Joe Hunkins says:

    Good for you.

    As I approach 50 my semicentennial filing approach no longer appears to have been a prudent choice.